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Where To Buy Eclipse Crypto


Cryptocurrencies are booming, with new entrants entering the fray every now and then. The fact that cryptocurrencies are safe also makes them an attractive payment option.

One such cryptocurrency which has started trading recently is the Eclipse crypto. Here we will tell you how and where you can buy Eclipse Crypto.

What Is Eclipse?

Eclipse is a utility token that can be used for buying services on platforms endowed with Eclipse. This eclipse token can be useful for two purposes:

  • Payment to be made for any feature on the Eclipse platform
  • Any ads or boosting that you want to do on these platforms

When you spend Eclipse tokens, you get rewarded in return. Each transaction gets taxed with a 6% fee, whereas 3% is given back to the token holder. The balance of 3% is again divided into half. 50% of that is sold by the contract into the BNB. The remaining 50% is paired with the BNB and then added to Pancake Swap in the form of a liquidity pair.

Where Can You Buy Eclipse?

You can buy the Eclipse token from Pancake Swap, as it is available there.

How To Buy Eclipse?

To buy Eclipse, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1- Register On A Fiat To Crypto Exchange

First, you will have to register on a fiat or crypto exchange. There are various platforms available, and the best one should be secure and use SSL encryption to protect your payments. You will be asked to provide original documents and complete the KYC.

Once this process is over, you will have to buy any cryptocurrency; in this case, it is Bitcoin.

Step 2: Buy The BTC With The Fiat Money

After the KYC process is completed, you will be asked to furnish a payment method. This could be your credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Remember that with a credit or debit card, you might be asked to pay transaction fees. This will be over and above the amount you transfer into the account. On the other hand, bank transfers are slow and take time to process.

Now go to the “transact” screen. There will be a From field where you have to choose the Fiat currency you want to pick. In the To field, you must select Bitcoin or BTC. Now click on preview and check your transaction details. Confirm your purchase, and your first crypto purchase is made.

Step 3: Transfer The Bitcoin To An Altcoin Exchange

Now you will have to convert this BTC into ECP or eclipse token. Find out a decent AltCoin exchange and on that, go to the wallet page and deposit your BTC. Then use a hardware wallet and use the BTC to hold BNB and ECP both,

Once you have created an account with the wallet, you can withdraw the BNB in it. Now go to Pancake Swap and go to Trade-Exchange. There will be a connect wallet button there; click on that. Your BNB balance would show there. You can add the amount you want to exchange to ECP.

Verify the amount and then click on “Swap.” Again you will get a message saying “Confirm Swap.” Once you have done that, your wallet might again ask you if you want to complete the transaction. If you say yes, it will proceed with the transaction. You have finally purchased the ECP or Eclipse tokens you wish to buy.

Soon you will be able to see the ECP amount in your wallet balance. It is wise to maintain the secrecy of your wallet as there are high chances of a data breach.

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