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Top Blockchain Career Opportunities Available Now

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The U.S. job market has now seen the rise of blockchain expertise making it the hottest scoop with blockchain skills being paced at the no. 1 position for skills on Upwork.

This shows a great demand for blockchain skills. With its infusion through use in the field of cryptocurrency, it has forayed into other industries such as healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and more through possible applications.

For the companies to be able to explore the field of blockchain and engage in applications, they need to hire people with expertise and skill in this field to help them understand and navigate the new technology.

Here is a short discussion on what the technology is all about and the job market and who are looking to hire.

1. Blockchain Technology

First developed in 2008 for handling cryptocurrencies, blockchain is a system of a distributed database for holding records, much like a ledger.

It is a very transparent system enabling viewing to anyone but only own records can be edited by those making transactions.

It is being touted as an “internet of value” with which people can send data to anyone can access data published by others on the internet.

Through its expansion from the financial sector to other fields, it is entering new fields and industries with scopes for further developments.


2. Demand Source For Blockchain Skills

Blockchain has grown to take the place of what cloud technology was in the mid-2000s with a lot of scope for tremendous professional opportunities.

It is the fastest-growing skill among 5000 others on the Upwork’s skills index. With the rise in demand slowly overcoming the supply, the opportunities are ever-increasing.

More than 5,743 mainly full-time job openings posted recently in the last 12 months were looking for blockchain skills, according to Burning Glass Technologies.

There is a huge demand from startups and companies like IBM and Samsung for blockchain skills despite its relative infant stage.

Companies are venturing out from the use of blockchain in cryptocurrencies to explore the ledger system as a backbone of blockchain with use in supply chains, legal contracts and other works.

Blockchain solutions need to be developed by those with a high level of knowledge and expertise in this field and here are some of the best job positions:

3. Blockchain Developer

The realization of blockchain projects is entirely dependent on its application through suitable solutions and that is where a blockchain developer fills the gap.

While the filed offers a robust solution in different fields, the potentials are solidified into reality by blockchain developers, also called blockchain engineers.

It is concerned with the technical aspect and requires great attention to details.

4. Blockchain Project Manager

By connecting the dots in an organization’s specific cases in business, a blockchain project manager brings together the framework for ensuring the work chain involving the application to the blockchain developer who will engineer the solutions.

Along with having great management skills, the blockchain project manager is also required to have a sound knowledge of blockchain to act as a bridge for transferring and managing requirements between the technical and the non-technical people and ensure smooth workflow and proper allocation of resources.


5. Blockchain Designer

Due to the expanding state of blockchain technology from technical people to those mainly interested in the applications, the technology must have an interface that can be easily understood and operated upon by the people.

Blockchain designers aim to ensure trust through user experience and make it appealing to all users so that they can have a smooth experience without any middlemen, very much akin to nature of the technology itself.

6. Blockchain Quality Engineer

This job aspect is very much similar to quality control in other industries. The Blockchain Quality Engineer engages in testing and ensuring top quality in a blockchain development environment.

From automating and testing blockchain frameworks, the blockchain quality engineer also engages in guiding the test strategy of the development process and create and maintain the Quality Assurance standards of the tests.

7. Blockchain Legal Consultant Or Attorney

Legal questions and problems are an unavoidable aspect of new technologies with the companies grappling with its implications and uses.

Therefore, companies need people with legal expertise in the field of launching blockchain technology and ideas what to consider related to the handling of the business and the financial aspects and tracking and confirmation of transactions.

It also includes looking into how identity is managed and the essential qualities of the blockchain philosophy is maintained.

More and more professional opportunities are being made possible through the evolution of blockchain technology. While the future cannot be foreseen, it can be expected that there will be a high demand for blockchain skills in the coming future.


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