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All Aboard The New Era For Poker! CoinPoker’s ICO Launched Publically

How-To-Do-B2B-Blogging is launching its eagerly anticipated ICO this Friday and only one third of its allocation is now available for purchase. Rest two thirds has already been reserved according to the whitelist.Coinpoker is an online poker room which uses blockchain to create a secure, safe and transparent platform and its ICO shall be presented in two ICO stages.

The ICO is expected to start at 10 am on Friday , 19th January on the website but many users started reserving tokens from 5th itself. Ever since their MVP (Minimum Viable product) has been downloaded nearly 20000 times and 30000 new users have registered on the website.

“I’m very happy to see Coin Poker doing so well,” said poker legend Tony G, one of the project’s advisors, “Blockchain technologies are our future, and Coin Poker will begin the poker revolution that all the players have been waiting for. This is a game-changer!”

“Coin Poker is the first platform using the CHP token but it has a great chance to become the valuable utility token for use in the whole emerging crypto gaming industry and various projects”, said professional crypto investor Sonic Zhang.

More advisors on the project comprise of and poker industry veterans Isabelle Mercier, Warren Lush, and Michael Josem. Apart from that proven crypto investment consultancy company Digital X and top Asian crypto investment fund Valuenet Capital are also backing the project. With advisors like Sonic Zhang and Etherparty (FUEL) CEO Kevin Hobbs you know that they mean business.

All those who participate in this will be able to purchase the CHP’s for price -4200 CHP’s in exchange for 1 ETH. Once tokens at this price are sold out the stage II will start and price will be 3500 CHP’s for 1 ETH. ICO would close on or before 26th January or when entire tokens are purchased.

Later Coin poker through numerous promotions is going to distribute 15% of tokens to the community. Though the ICO is yet to launch a large user base have shown their interest in it. Doing this activity has given Coin Poker the benefit of testing their application and its stability has shown improvement and all bugs have been fixed. Nowadays Coin poker is involving the players in different forms like selection of game formats, app design and deciding features.

With regards to security: “CoinPoker has cracked down on multi-accounters,” said industry veteran and Coin Poker’s Head of Security Michael Josem, “CoinPoker closed a number of accounts that were used by the same people and that is just the start of the measures that CoinPoker is going to take in order to reduce the risk of cheating.”

Coin Poker would launch their ICO on January 19th but they have already tasted success in form of getting an active community and getting funds for the launch. We can clearly say that the ICO has already got success and let’s see what the future holds.


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