The Best Crypto Books To Read In 2022

Crypto Books

It’s safe to say that when you’re learning about blockchains and cryptocurrency due to its high-tech nature the primary source of information is probably the internet.

While our lives, as a species are trained to go to Google for every one of our concerns, there are times when the best method to get a grasp of an intricate subject is to read an old-fashioned book.

In books, there are no advertisements or notifications, and there’s not a need to know the most recent Bitcoin price, but only pure researched information on the subject you’re interested in learning more about.

Unfortunately, books about cryptocurrency are scarce and few from being available, probably due to the young time frame of the industry as well as the digital base that it is built upon.

But, you’re not looking for a book to read with your the morning cup of coffee on a Sunday. You need an unreviewed book by an expert in the field with solid content on your chosen crypto-related topic. In the case of this book it is much greater than quantity.

Here are the top books on cryptocurrency we’ve come across to aid you in your way to understanding bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain technology.

What Are The Best Bitcoin Books?

The Book Of Satoshi: The Collected Writings Of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The Book of Satoshi is one of the most important books on cryptocurrency literature that you must go through. Through a selection of writings written by Bitcoin Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, it provides an explanation and a visual representation of the concept, development and development of Bitcoin.

Just like the currency itself the persona of Nakamoto is a virtual one and can be found only online in the journals that presented and described Bitcoin at the beginning of its development. These books, which have been carefully published, are key documents that explain the creation of Bitcoin.

While this book doesn’t provide the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto actually is, but it provides an educated hint based on the well-known facts regarding their identity.

The HTML0 Book of Satoshi looks at the intermediaries for communication used by Nakamoto when he was developing Bitcoin and the method they used to manage communication with their developers.

Beyond the investigation of Nakamoto the book explores important issues related to mining attacks of 51, Bitcoin faucets, and an exchange among Nakamoto and others . This book will ultimately lead to the current Zerocoin concept.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency How Bitcoin as well as Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order
The Age of Cryptocurrency was written to 2015 written by Wall Street Journal reporters Paul Vigna and Michael Casey.

It is among the best cryptocurrency books available and is very relevant in the present. It examines the fears and myths surrounding Bitcoin and urges readers to be prepared for an economic revolution which is to come.

As a team, Vigna and Casey examine and answer in depth the issue of why the world should be concerned about Bitcoin through articulating the notion of a financial system based by Bitcoin and the ways in which it might have avoided the economic repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis.

The authors have successfully made a distinction between their ideas by discussing the possible negatives of a system based on Bitcoin including the potential risk of money transfers that are anonymous and used by terror and criminal groups to carry out business.

In contrast to other cryptocurrency book The age of Cryptocurrency is written from the viewpoint that of Afghan women who earn their income through online sources to reveal the many advantages and uses of Bitcoin.

This book also explains the background of bitcoin and the significance of cryptocurrencies in today’s world, the current status of this new industry and examines who the biggest players in the cryptocurrency industry are.

Mastering Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin written by Bitcoin instructor and expert in the field, Andreas Antonopoulos, is an essential read for those who are already well-versed of the fundamentals of Bitcoin but are looking to elevate their crypto skills to new highs.

The guide on bitcoin can help you navigate the often confusing realm of Bitcoin by giving you the essential information needed to be successful and participate in the world of money.

The book about Bitcoin provides a comprehensive introduction to Bitcoin and a detailed explanation of the technological foundations of the currency, the details on bitcoin’s Bitcoin distributed network the transaction cycle, peer-to peer architecture and other.

Understanding Bitcoin is also a comprehensive look at the world of altcoins and their distinctive technology, with the stories of users such as analogies, illustrations, and code snippets that illustrate key technical concepts.

If you’re planning to build the next great company or investing in a novel app, or just interested in the latest technology in this book, it has the answers to your questions about digital currencies and explanations you’ll need.

Blockchain Revolution: How the technology behind Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is changing the World
The book was written by the father and son duo Don And Alex Tapscott, Blockchain Revolution is among the most comprehensive books on blockchain that will aid you comprehend the technology of blockchain and the potential impact that it might be having on the world.

The book excels in explaining the complex nature of blockchain in simple to comprehend terms. The Tappscotts are a prominent voice and influencer in blockchain and you’ll see that most of, if not all blockchain developers and researchers are aware of their work.

Blockchain Revolution provides an in-depth study on the technology. This book doesn’t just talk about the technology with regard to its applications to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies , but as well as all the other possible uses instances for blockchain.

It outlines the background of the technology, its advantages and disadvantages of its application, and the industries that are likely to be impacted by blockchain.

According to Tapscotts the provision of financial services that are expanding and the protection of identity information will be significantly enhanced by the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

With each other, Don and Alex Tapscott discuss a complex subject and provide a deep dive into what it means for all of us, while describing in detail how these applications will impact the world of.

American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt For The Criminal Mastermind Behind The Silk Road

American Kingpin is an ebook on cryptocurrency that outlines the life of a libertarian who was 26, Ross Ulbricht, from the time he launched an online marketplace called “Silk Road” up to his detention by the FBI in 2014.

Based on access to major players and more than two billion images and words Ross has left, American Kingpin is a compelling story that could appear too unbelievable for non-fiction. But the tale of Silk Road and how it links to the rise of Bitcoin is very real.

The book is written by New York Times best-selling author Nick Bilton, this is an amazing story about a young man’s hopes and ambitions that take off out of the legal system.

Inside, you can witness the battle between the modern world of libertarian-leaning, anonyme internet advocates who are decentralised, and the traditional world of control by government and order as well as rules of law.

American Kingpin perfectly captures the enormous problem law enforcement had to face in their quest to stop Silk Road due to it making use of the store of no worth, Bitcoin.


There are numerous books on cryptocurrency available However, these are the most engaging books we’ve read that quickly dissect the blockchain and bitcoin language.

Do you want to get started in the world of crypto as you wait for your book to be delivered? Begin with our comprehensive list of crypto Guides for beginners.


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