Tamil Nadu Becomes First State In India To Unveil Ethical AI And Blockchain Policies

Blockchain Technology

Tamil Nadu has become first state in India to unveil policy on Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Chief Minister Edapaddi K Palaniswami unveiled the Tamil Nadu Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Cybersecurity policies during the 19th edition of Connect 2020.

While unveiling the policy, the chief minister said that the state will soon have a Knowledge Proof Identity Based Services Delivery Project. This project will transform the delivery of government services in the state, said the Chief Minister. These are foundational policies in leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.

To implement this project, Tamil Nadu will establish the State Family Data Base (SFDB) and Block-Chain Backbone infrastructure.

Once the project starts functioning, citizens can avail government services without going through the normal process of government to citizen services request.

For the past one year, the IT department of the state government has been talking to various stakeholders as well as other government departments.

After these consultations, Tamil Nadu has decided to unveil these policies which are based on the emerging technologies such AI and Blockchain.

The state government hopes that Safe and Ethical AI Policy will help it harness the power of AI for the delivery of government services to citizens. They want to make these Blockchain-based services as much ethically compatible with human values as possible.

As per the plan, Blockchain Backbone infrastructure (network) will act as a single source of truth and trust anchor for the functioning of all the government departments and the protection of data.

The state government will use Blockchain Backbone for transforming governance by encouraging all the government departments to use more and more blockchain-based solutions in the service delivery to citizens.

There will also be a forum for Blockchain ecosystem development. The forum will facilitate collaboration between Start-ups, academia and developers to build a state-of-the-art Blockchain ecosystem.

The cybersecurity policy will protect the information assets of the government (Infrastructure, Software, Citizen Services) and maximize their availability to the government and the citizens.


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