5 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Cyber Attacks

Protect Your Smartphone From Cyber Attacks

We can’t do today without a smartphone as it’s a necessity now. We use it for almost all daily activities and specific tasks like utility, online surfing, vlogging, payments, banking, shopping, etc. Today these smartphones are an integral part of our life, and we use them for almost everything in life. This generates the need for protecting our smartphones from all kinds of hacking and cyberattacks from cyber-cons which has increased multiple folds over the recent past.

These cyber criminals are always on a lookout to find such vulnerable smartphone users who can fall victim to their fraudulent activities. They want to gain access to your smartphones as all digital and financial transactions these days have shifted to smartphones and it acts as a remote to trigger any of your financial activity, be it payment via apps, receiving OTP, or confirming transactions to proceed.

Today you have multiple ways you can protect yourself and your phone from these attacks. We are sharing top five ways in which you can safeguard your phone and they are easy to follow as well:

1. Set Your Phone Apps To Automatic Update

The automatic updates to various apps on your smartphone are highly recommended. These updates not only add more features and functionality but also makes them more secure over time. Hackers will try their level best to find or create vulnerabilities in your phone, to steal your personal info or compromise the device itself, but an updated app tries to keep you safe with the latest security standards.

Much the same goes for the operating system on your smartphones too. Updates can bring more features and more security as they often include security improvements, in addition to performance improvements.

2. Try Getting An Online Protection For Your Smartphone

A reputed and standard protection software or security app can protect your smartphone in a similar way, it protects your laptops and computers from any intended attack. It can help you protect your privacy, identity, keep you safe from cyber-attacks and automatically blocks unsafe websites and links, if any.

So, find a good protection software or app today which can secure your phone and data.

3. Learn How To Remotely Lock Or Erase A Smartphone

Just imagine what happens if your phone gets lost or stolen? It’s a tough time for you but the worse could happen if it lands in the wrong hands. A combination of device tracking, device locking, and remote erasing can help protect your phone and the data on it. You can easily perform these activities on your lost device and safeguard yourself from any potential data theft.

This process varies from device to device as different manufacturers have different ways of doing this which is applicable for both iOS and android phones and across all major mobile phone manufacturers.

4. Start Using A Lock Screen With A Passcode, Pin, Facial Recognition, Or Pattern Key

Very few smartphone users use a lock screen these days, but trust us, this is the first line of defense to protect your phone. The most concerning problem with your phone not having any security password is that if the phone gets lost or stolen, then anybody can very easily access your personal and crucial data and further misuse it to harm you both mentally and financially.

Setting up a lock screen is always advisable which is an easy feature found in both android and iOS devices. It’s convenient to apply and use. So, start using a lock screen with a passcode, PIN, facial recognition, or pattern key from today.

5. Be Away From Third-Party App Stores

This is a very common way these days where imposters intrude easily into smartphones through malicious apps which pose as utility apps, photo editors, VPNs, and online games. These contain malware that spy on your activity or steal your account information.

Google Play and Apple’s App Store have measures in place to review these apps to help ensure that they are safe and secure to use. But these third-party app stores have very limited or almost no such protections in place. In fact, some third-party sites may intentionally host malicious apps as part of a scam. It’s always recommended to continue with the official app stores for a safer phone.

Today these smartphones are like remote controls of our lives, which we hold over the palm of our hand and control all necessary actions of life. We spent crucial time of our day working in and out with our phones and it’s our duty to keep them safe as well. Following the above simple steps can help keep your phone safe as it connects us to our family, work, banking, and finances, and even our day-to-day utility. So, it is always advisable to keep your phone safe on priority.


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