Phone Crypto: Use Smartphone To Mine Cryptocurrencies

Phone Crypto

Ever since Bitcoin was created 12 years ago, the world revolutionized the manner in which you view Cryptocurrencies. Initially, it started as worthless currency, but a single bitcoin’s value is now around 50 thousand dollars.

The investors are increasing their stake in Bitcoin in the hopes that the price will keep rising. Along with Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have become famous, like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Tether. The popularity of Bitcoin can be gauged from the fact the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has around $34 billion worth of Bitcoin.

Every cryptocurrency works hard to maintain its exclusivity. Currencies like Bitcoin can be mined by computers through complex problems. To mine Bitcoins, you need an advanced computer. Some cryptocurrencies make themselves different by giving a level playing field, so they do not have to deal with users who buy an advanced computer and dominate mining. Other currencies focus their attention on security, speed, and usability.

A new field that has emerged in the last few years is Phone Crypto. In simple terms, some apps can mine cryptocurrencies through the phone. Instead of using the phone’s computing power, the apps just require you to check in daily. These apps don’t use phone power, and every phone can mine. Users are glad that they can claim something whose value will soar and make them rich. Some of the pros and cons of phone crypto are.

Pros And Cons Of Phone Crypto

  • Little or almost no expense to the user
  • Ease of mining just a few minutes needed every day
  • Availability to a wide audience
  • Fun to dabble with
  • Significantly less value at present
  • So far, not listed on any exchange
  • You cannot cash out or withdraw to any app
  • There is no cap on how many coins you want to mine

For some of the users, the pros are more in comparison to the cons. You may waste a few seconds every day, and not able to earn anything. But, you may also make a little bit of money without any expense. Let us have a look at some of the best Phone Cryptos.

Some Of The Best Phone Cryptos


Midoin has nearly 26 million “Midoin” that can be mined, and it ensures that the values of the coin will not be reduced due to inflation. Just log in to the account once to continue mining. Midoin gives a marketplace for the users who buy and sell the items with Midoin and exchange them for cash or other currencies.

Bee Network allows its users to mine at a rate of 0.5 BEE/hour. They already have logged in 3 million users and have a total of 10 million users. It starts with 500,000,000 BEE to be mined, and they have mined some 230,000,000 BEE already.

Pi Network

It was launched in 2019 and is one of the most well-known Phone Cryptos. There is no cap on the amount of Pi that could be mined. As time passes, fewer and fewer Pi is available for mining by each user. They will soon launch Pi on a Mainnet, and you can trade in it then.


Spotters mining sessions are only for one hour every day. You may log in every hour and start a new mining session. They launched Spotter in late 2020, so who knows, you might get a chance at being one of the first users.


What do you think? Will phone crypto be successful or not? Or, will it help a new generation earn millions? The possibilities are endless, but only time will tell how things will turn in the future. At the rate crypto is going, hopefully, the users will have a chance to be happy and earn loads.


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