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Neon Launches NFT Vending Machine In New York City


Neon has recently launched an NFT vending machine on 29 John Street in NY City. Now people can use fiat currency, credit cards, and debit cards to purchase any kind of NFT or digital collectibles from the machine. This machine will open this NFT sector to a wide range of buyers as most of the NFT marketplaces take payment in cryptocurrency only. Also, not everybody who wants to own an NFT is a crypto investor.

Neon is a crypto startup built on the Solana Blockchain that operates like an NFT marketplace and gallery. The NFT vending machine is made of glass and glows with neon pink and blue lights. It is a visual spectacle in NYC’s financial area.

The co-founder of Neon Jordan Birnholtz aims to simplify the procedure of owning the NFTs for the crypto holders and the non-crypto owners as well.

In an official statement that he gave, Birnholtz said, “You shouldn’t be required to hold Ethereum, write a smart contract, pay gas costs or bridge blockchains to participate. NFT buying and selling doesn’t need to be a mystery.”

The NFT vending machine concept will also scale those artists’ visibility who are creating pieces and selling as digital collectibles.

Currently, the artists selling their items as NFT’s on OpenSea and Looks Rare platforms only have the crypto owners buying their creation.

To this, Birnholtz said, “While only two percent of Americans have digital wallets, 80 percent have a credit card or debit card. Our goal is to support artists and creators by letting them sell digital art to everyone and to help anyone who wants to become a collector.”

The reaction of the public to this vending machine seen on social media is quite encouraging.

Data from DappRadar, the market tracker, shows that the NFT sales reached around $25 billion or Rs. 1,84,700 crore in 2021. This was accompanied by a huge surge in these crypto assets’ popularity.


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