These Four Fintech Careers Will Be Most In-Demand In Coming Years

These Four Fintech Careers Will Be Most In-Demand In Coming Years

Thanks to one disruption after another, financial services sector is in the midst of a technological revolution. Financial services institutions are offering new services to customers.

However, the introduction of new technologies, and new services have brought financial services institutions under new regulatory norms. It is expected that the governments across the world will bring new changes to tighten regulatory regime in the sector.

Regulations are going to be so complex that exiting workforce will not be able to navigate through these rules. This sector is looking for talents who have requisite skills to deal with the whole set of new regulatory challenges.

Maximum numbers of CFO and CEOs will be hired in the FinTech industry. Many players in the FinTech industry think that they can make a smooth transition to the new regulatory regime only under the leadership of new CFOs and CEOs who have a deep understanding of information technology at all levels.

Innovation has opened the gate for people at all levels. Professionals will be hired for new roles. All they need to have is a unique set of skills.

Following are some of the Fintech related careers with the highest potential for growth:

1. Blockchain Developer

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, the demand for developers in blockchain sector grew by 30% year to year in the past couple of years. This demand will register even faster growth in the years ahead, as financial institutions are bringing in new and innovative blockchain solutions in their operations.

2. App Developer

Nothing has disrupted financial service business more than app. FinTech’s growth, by and large, is being driven by app. By the end of 2020, banking applications will be used by additional 2 billion people.

Hence, skill app developers will be high in demand. Apart from banking app developers, FinTech sector will also be interested in hiring those people who can develop apps in wealth management, payment processing, cryptocurrency etc.

3. Data Specialist

Fintech companies are gathering lots of data. Now, they need specialists who will be able to mine this huge data. Not only this, they also need professionals who can make suitable recommendations based on customer data analysis.

4. Compliance Officers

Industry is now regulated by the completely new set of rules. Most of these changes have been necessitated by the introduction of new technology. Hence, the industry is looking for talents who have expertise in financial law, data security, and best practices.


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