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How To Make Blockchain Investing Easy

Blockchain Investing

In the last decade, the interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum has increased manifold and is now including blockchain technologies which work behind these currencies. Blockchain has the ability to provide trustworthy transactions, record keeping, and unlimited applications for multiple uses.

However, explaining this topic to people is a tough task and hence developing this interest into a group of active investors is a challenge. Investors are seeing that Bitcoin is growing and they want to be a part of it but something is stopping them from doing so.

To create a simple vehicle for people who wish to invest in Blockchain the Global Blockchain technologies Corp was created. The company is a blockchain technology creator which provides a better way to invest your money in this high growth sector.


How to simplify Blockchain investing

Global Blockchain aims to remove the fear factor that is there in the minds of all new investors of Blockchain. Having an expertise of professionals who have been a part of this industry since the beginning the company aims to make the process of investing simple for the average investor.

As Shidan Gouran, President and COO of the company Global Blockchain reiterate.” When you invest in us, you’re investing in a company run by people who have been in blockchain from the beginning. Our team understands the space, and they are investing in innovative projects in areas that are attractive for long-term growth.”


Blockchain Incubator

Global Blockchain has combined the experience of its team to make an incubator of all businesses which use the blockchain’s capability for value creation.

In the beginning, the company wanted to offer the investors a portfolio based approach to handling the coin and tokens. However nowadays the focus has moved to the incubator model in which company will only put money in businesses which are using blockchain in different ways.

To put it simply Gouran explains, Right now, we have a project in the gaming space, one in the trade finance space, and one in the peer-to-peer storage space. These projects all have their own cryptocurrencies, but they primarily distinguish themselves by using the blockchain’s next-generation capabilities.”

As an example, we are going to tell about the Global Blockchain’s recently introduced project, The Laser Network. Apparently based on Ethereum, Laser will be developed as a module for cryptocurrency transactions and a solution to handle instant and anonymous transactions.

On this Gouran says, “We believe individual blockchains will continue to be created around specific sets of services and tasks, and that there will continue to be many different blockchains and cryptocurrencies. By building Laser, we are enabling these individual blockchains to coexist and grow together.”

With further development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the company believes that next, we will see Individual markets moving towards their own cryptocurrencies. When that happens, lase would become a currency exchange method which can enable sectorial growth. Gouran says, “Our goal is to establish Laser as the SWIFT of Blockchains”


Way to building businesses

Another example of the incubator model is company’s decision to change its cryptocurrency mining business into a single entity.

This new company is named Global Blockchain mining Corp and it has nearly 6666 Bitcoin miners and an access to 175 MW of power capacity in its four mining facilities.

Cryptocurrency mining uses power and hence generate huge amounts of heat. There are two facilities which are located in Montana and Manitoba, both of them very cool places and are able to dissipate the heat which is being generated hence keeping environmental damage in control.

About the Spinout Company Gouran said, “Global Blockchain Mining is the largest cryptocurrency mining company by capacity. Since Global Blockchain Technologies is a business incubator, it would confuse people if our mining business had stayed within GBT.

Whenever one of our incubator companies is able to stand on its own two feet, we will strongly consider making that a spinout as well.” The company is aiming to follow that model and planning to combine it with its incubation model.

This model is creating some blockchain assets which investors can buy if they decide to make an investment in Global Blockchain. The company is trying to give its investor a simple yet effective way to invest in blockchain even though they may not have adequate knowledge of the same. By doing so it has made itself as one of the major players in the sector and a leader in easy blockchain investing procedures.


Disclaimer :

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