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7 Job Opportunities Related To Blockchain Technology To Watch For In 2020


One of the latest skills in IT job market is blockchain technology. As per a survey by Deloitte Insights, 86% believe that blockchain technology is scalable and can be integrated with mainstream adoption. whereas Upwork survey states that, blockchain has been ranked into 20 fastest growing skills.

Even the tech giants have also started looking for candidates who have blockchain expertise. But the survival condition is that you should be well aware of the basics because this is still a developing and niche area. Let’s have a look at seven hot selling job opportunities based on blockchain technology :


1. Content Writing

Blockchain writers are on a demand these days. But here you need to have a good grasp of the hot technology and the correct skill set which will enable you to create the educational copies about the subject.

Other than that blockchain landing pages, news content, blog writing and white papers are is huge demand. For this you don’t need to have full on knowledge about the technicalities but a general grasp and good research skills will take you a long way. You can earn $15-$30 per hour here.


2. Development

Blockchain developers who have the knowledge of javascript, C++, python, cryptography and machine learning has risen by 115 percent. Now, every company needs a blockchain developer who can integrate with blockchain technology in order to improve the services provided to future as well as present clients.

Some of the highly demanding skill organizations are – C++, .NET, MVC, HTML, Visual studio, Microsoft SQL server, AJAX, SOAP, REST, Agile Scrum, Neutral-network and XCOD. The hourly rate here is $60-$100.


3. Web Designer

Corporates are regularly looking for web designers who can create interactive user interface for mobile and desktop platform. This job can fetch you anywhere close to $30-$70 per hour.


4. Crypto Trading

This is a high on risk investment. Here you need a highly technical skillset and a trustworthy crypto broker. You can also try some of the major platforms like CryptoRocket where you can get an opportunity to trade on institutional grade liquidity from reputable global investment banks.


5. Crypto Community Manager

In order to create awareness and interact with future clients, you need a good crypto community manager. Many crypto based companies are in line and thus the demand for a crypto community manager is on an all time high. The average annual salary here is $55,000-$120,000.


6. Engineer

Engineers are required to anticipate the tech needs and create a blockchain application accordingly. If you want to quickly get hired here then you need some high level skills in Java, Ripple, Hyperleger Fabric, Solidity, Oracle Identity, Bitcoin and database management. The annual salary can be $60,500-$81,000.


7. Legal Consultation

Qualified legal consultants are also required in this field. You must be aware of the legal framework for ICO, STO, TGE which are under higher regulations these days. You can easily earn anything between $80,000-$150,000.


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