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Bitcoin To Roll Out “Influencer Coins” By 2030 – Andreessen Horowitz

Influencer Coins

Here’s to looking ahead to the end of the next decade – VC firm Andreessen Horowitz believes that Bitcoin (BTC) will be the key to the monetization system that online influencers will use for their business.

On December 30th, Andreessen Horowitz showcased several vignettes that showed their vision for the automated future – a place where you can tailor your food to your own microbiome, enjoy a robotized kitchen lifestyle, with avatars and VR as part of a normal, everyday lifestyle and workflow.

Andreessen Horowitz dreams of a day where not only can an influencer reach hundreds, thousands of their fans a day with their content, but also where these fans can get paid via Bitcoin or Libra for their feedback – or they can get paid in what is called “Influencer Coin”.

They believe that the “Influencer Coin”, along with other potential private digital assets, is an important aspect of the online influencer role, as it would give their fans an actual stake in how popular the influencer becomes. This concept is taken from the way that employees in a start-up profit similarily from their company’s rise.

Trends In The Roaring Twenties, on the other hand,  has identified  blockchain, a hyper- automation and artificial intelligence security as the key drivers of change.

ComputerWeekly contributor Brian Burke stated on January 2nd, that Blockchain (or “Blockchain complete”) will not only transform industries wholly but also be up and fully scaleable by 2023.

Using Blockchain along with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT) will help expand the number of people who participate in the automated or decentralized networks. Using this technology in the automotive industry a smart sensor-equipped car can use IOT and Blockchain to negotiate insurance prices instantly.

It is also noted that data privacy measures, distributed cloud computing, and democratized technology as the key trends that will lead to the use of Blockchain in the upcoming decade.


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