India’s First Music NFTs Will Be Launched By Jupiter Meta

India's First Music NFTs Launch

Jupiter Mets, which is India’s first NFT marketplace, has said that they will launch music NFTs for the First Time in India.

These offerings are going to be provided as part of a metaverse concert. It will feature a solo performance by singer, composer Kartik and will release on 14th April, 2022.

Manasa Rajan, CEO of Jupiter Meta, says that “ “The metaverse isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It has real implications and brings actual value to the way we interact with one another and with intangibles such as culture and the sense of community.”

A few tickets will be offered on a fixed price basis. These tickets can be stored as NFTs in the user’s wallet and will have a tradeable value.

Visitors will get to hear some classic hits and two absolutely new compositions that are going to be performed first here. The ticket holders will be provided these new tracks as music NFTs. They can play them for personal purposes, but their commercial use may charge a royalty for the performer.

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Kartik expressed his happiness at getting the chance to connect with his fans through this method. He says, Doing something like this in the metaverse is beyond imagination. I’m delighted fans get to experience this special moment and own my new songs! It is going to be rocking.”

This comes on the heels of the nation’s first digital wall art or the ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’ project. The metaverse concert is one among Jupiter Meta’s plans to create a unique metaverse for everybody.

Visitors will be allowed entry into the digital venue 30 minutes before the show begins so they can check out the space and find their friends. The payment can be made through internet banking, debit and credit card, UPI, etc. You do not need a crypto wallet to buy the ticket.


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