5 Reasons To Use iFOREX Online Trading Platform

iforex online trading

iFOREX online trading platform uses a browser-based interface with a mobile platform in order to offer clients a reliable and easy-to-use trading platform. iFOREX is a well-established CFD broker as well as a forex broker. It has been operating since 1996.

The company offers a vast variety of traded assets, including commodities, currency pairs indexes, shares, and crypto.

There is a particular focus on educational information and an account for demonstration. iFOREX is well-known for its technical support available in a variety of languages.

1. Trading Platform

iFOREX is a web-based and mobile platform that offers access to the execution of trades along with tools that permit you to analyze CFDs. You can also keep track of your positions and balances as well as withdraw and deposit capital.

Both platforms have access to the iFOREX’s extensive education portal, which provides information about topics such as risk management as well as technical analysis, and understanding how to trade.

iFOREX provides real-time margin protection and guarantees that it limits losses in real-time using measures to manage risk. iFOREX ratings of its trading platforms are positive.

2. Protecting Your Equity

To safeguard the equity in the account, iFOREX utilizes a positive balance protection method that stops customers from losing more than they deposit. This reduces the risk of you losing your capital, and safeguards the equity on your bank account.

3. Browser And Mobile

iForex provides two different trading platforms. There’s a platform that runs on a browser that comes with everything that you would expect from.

It is possible to graph charts as well as add trends and studies and also alter the character on the chart.

There’s a wide range of analysis tools. iFOREX is a platform that is proprietary and is not a white label.

The mobile platform complements the browser-based platform and comes with the same look and feel. The advantage to making use of the mobile application is that it allows you to trade while traveling.

You can deposit and withdraw money through both platforms mobile as well as with the browser-based platform.

4. Demo Account

iFOREX provides traders with access to an online demo account. It is an account that lets you trade immediately without risking real money.

Instead of trading real capital, the demo funds are traded which are offered by iFOREX. This lets you examine the performance of your trades and not worry about making a trade error.

You’ll be able to check your balances on your demonstration account and can also assess the risk. Furthermore, you can learn how leverage impacts your P&L through the demonstration account.

You can also examine trading strategies in real-time to determine if they work in the normal trading time.

5. Safety And Security

iFOREX utilizes the latest security and safety techniques. The company employs firewalls in conjunction with Security socket layers (SSL) to protect clients’ information.

The mobile application is equipped with advanced security features, such as fingerprint match detection. The company also offers an advanced technical support service, available with support in several languages.


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