How To Get Cryptocurrency Free

Cryptocurrency Free

While you might think that you need to pay for cryptocurrency, you could actually earn some cryptocurrency by using a variety of methods.

All of these methods require different amounts of time and effort at your own expense, since there is nothing truly free. Even something as important as Bitcoin can be obtained at no cost. Let’s explore ways to earn Bitcoin for free!


Faucets can be a simple method to earn free cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Cardano. They generally require you to click on a button with a time limit that says, for instance, you only have to click it once per hour.

Every click will earn you a small sum of cryptocurrency that the website is offering. It’s usually at a fraction of a penny per click. There is a chance to win larger amounts but the odds are low.

The websites also generally offer ways to make more free clicks by filling in surveys, watching advertisements, or clicking on links each of which can bring in revenue for the site and enable them to offer free cryptocurrency.

The faucets typically have a minimum withdrawal limit that you must meet before you are able to deposit the free currency into your account of your preference This implies that you must remain consistent when visiting the website to earn your free cryptocurrency.

Why are cryptocurrency companies offering faucet programs? They typically earn money from advertising and link clicking. There isn’t anything like free lunch.

Earning BAT Using Brave Browser

If you’d like to earn money from watching advertisements while browsing the internet If so, then the Brave Browser and Brave Rewards could be a good choice for you.

Brave Browser is a blazingly fast internet browser that works with all Chrome extensions. It is the only distinction that, instead of wallowing over ads while you surf the web, you can earn money from watching them via Brave Rewards earning you the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency. Brave Rewards is a program that comes with Brave Ads. That is how you can earn free BAT.

Brave Ads are viewed independently from your website content and will keep your personal details private and confidential. Brave Ads appear as messages from the system or images sponsored by advertisers within the “new tab” page.

You are in control of when the notifications appear and also whether you prefer to block the images that are sponsored. If you decide to view the advertisement, you get 70% of revenue that Brave gets from advertiser in the shape BAT.

These can be exchanged for or given to sites you love and additional options to do so. The ads that appear on Brave are offered on an opt-in basis. So when you’re not sure you wish to see advertisements, you shouldn’t.

Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking is growing to be a regular method to earn free cryptocurrency, with the only caveat is that you’ll need to put up a certain amount of money into that cryptocurrency prior to investing. Staking is the act of keeping money in a crypto wallet in order to help support the activities of a blockchain.

In essence, it involves locking cryptocurrencies in order to get rewards. This can only be accomplished by using the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for example, like Stellar.

To get free crypto by staking, like receiving no cost Stellar Lumens (XLM), first you need to purchase some XLM. Once you have XLM in your preferred wallet, you can put it to stake and earn XLM to do so. The rewards are paid out at different intervals based on the cryptocurrency.

Staking procedures in different cryptos vary however in general, you need to transfer your stake to someone else unless you own a substantial amount to stake yourself. Tezos is an example. It requires 10,000 tokens in order to be able to participate in staking.

Therefore, many holders will delegate their money to a pool to receive the rewards. This can be done using a few wallets, like the Ledger Nano. The transfer of ownership isn’t happening. the tokens you own, but instead transferring votes for consensus over to the pool.

Hard Forks

Hard forks are a different option to gain free cryptocurrency, but like staking, they will require that you already own cryptocurrency.

Forks occur when the participants of a network are not in agreement about what should be done to make the network upgraded, and the two parties “fork” the network into two distinct paths.

Forks are usually regarded as an upgrade for the network. Forks that are hard to open mean that both networks are not compatible with one with each.

Ethereum had a hard fork as it was split between Ethereum (ETH) as well as Ethereum Classic (ETC) this means ETH transactions and blocks cannot occur through the ETC network, while ETC blocks and transactions can’t be carried out through ETC’s ETH network.

If a hardfork occurs typically, you get the same value of the newly-created token for no cost. In the case of Bitcoin network split on August 1, 2017, the newly-created Bitcoin Cash network took on the value of 10 percent of the value that Bitcoin had been worth in the moment. Bitcoin was valued at around $5000 USD. So if you held 1 BTC at the moment, you’d received just one BCH worth $500.

The Coinbase Learning To Earn Crypto

Coinbase provides you with free crypto like EOS to be exchanged for studying about the cryptocurrency and the way it operates. You just need to sign up with Coinbase and then get your account accepted by their know Your Customer procedure, go on to their Earn page. Choose the cryptocurrency that you are interested in, and then get the coins for free to learn about it.

In most cases , you need to view a video tutorial to earn the cryptocurrency for free.

Bitcoin Cashback Services

There are a variety of methods to earn free Bitcoin to cash-back reward for purchases on the internet as well as in person.

Stormshop can be described as an app for mobile devices and a browser plugin that manages Bolts, or rewards, for online purchases with more than 400 merchants. It’s accessible in 187 countries.

You could earn as high as 40% cashback on crypto that is paid via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin DAI, STORM. You can also exchange your Bolt reward points for crypto which is directly deposited into your account.

Lolli can be described as an Bitcoin cashback extension to your browser. It notifies you when you shop through one of their partner shops for example, Expedia as well as GAP.

A cashback of up to 30% is possible to earn, and it’s deposited into your Lolli wallet. You can then transfer it to an Bitcoin address to exchange it into USD and then transfer the money to your bank account.

Pei It is an online cashback program that offers reward points that are based on Bitcoin or fiat currency however, in contrast to Lolli and Stormshop it can be used using your credit or debit card.

It works in stores or online. Once linked , you get cashback in the currency you prefer of Bitcoin or fiat. There’s no fee for membership and sometimes you’ll get special offers to increase your cashback.

Additionally, you can earn cashback using digital debit cards that support crypto, such as Wirex as well as the card. The card offers cashback rates ranging between 0.5-5 percent depending on the conditions that must be satisfied, for instance, staking Wirex tokens, or’s MCO tokens.

Find Work In Cryptocurrency

While you can’t necessarily receive Bitcoin at no cost, there’s many ways to earn Bitcoin to freelance in areas like engineering writing, design, translator, singer editing, marketing to mention a few.

There are numerous websites and platforms offering Bitcoin as payment for your services like Coinality and Cryptogrind. and Coinality..

GitCoin is a well-known and popular platform to contribute to projects that are on the Ethereum platform. GitCoin lets you hook to your developer profile on GitHub and then showcase your expertise as well as services to be hired.


Loans is a reasonably safe and secure method to obtain free cryptocurrency, but first, you must have an amount of cryptocurrency that you can lend. There are a variety of peer-to-peer lending platforms available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI and Tether to mention several.

In exchange for lending your cryptocurrency , you will receive a variable percent return, which is based on market conditions as well as the currency you’re lending.

It’s important to remember that lending in the market is not regulated and therefore be sure to do your research before selecting a lending partner with.

If you’re planning to lend you money, choose a lender that have security audits by third parties with a long track record, and a guarantee on your funds.

Scams To Watch Out For

There are numerous frauds to be aware of.

When you stake, you could be able to spot fraud where a delegate pool asks you to transfer the tokens you have in the wallet to them directly. This shouldn’t be the case.

Instead, there must be a smart contract to be followed, and staking should be feasible from the security of your wallet. Be sure to do your research prior to taking a stake.

Free giveaways that ask for a cryptocurrency to sign up are a fraud to look for. There isn’t a prize, they’re just going to keep all the money that is sent to them. The reason faucets offer the crypto away for free is that you earn money from advertising and clicks on links. There are no giveaways that are truly free.

Also, prize giveaways that require you to provide personal information in order to be able to win the prize is a way to swindle personal data so hackers could try to impersonate you.

Do not give addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers to anyone who claims to be offering crypto-based prizes or giveaways, either.

In the end, you have to be alert and conduct diligence when it comes to cryptocurrency, regardless of whether you pay for the coins or trying to find them for free.


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