Blockchain Engineer: Career Outlook, Qualifications And Expected Salary

Blockchain Engineer

In case you are planning to start a career in Blockchain development, this article would prove to be a guide. The blockchain, as we all know, is a massive ledger of cryptocurrency transactions. BTC keeps track of all the cryptocurrency activities, and is like a gigantic book with records in it.

Another thing about Blockchain is that it is public and decentralized. Anyone can enter the system, which is different from traditional and centralized banking ledgers. All Cryptocurrency transactions are mentioned in ‘blocks,’ and each of these blocks has timestamps and transaction data, thus giving it the name ‘blockchain.’

Any information that is entered into Blockchain has to go through multiple ‘nodes’ or verification steps. These nodes interact with each other before they finally get accepted into the blockchain. Though blockchain was developed to track bitcoins, it can be used across various industries and domains.

Why Should You Be A Blockchain Engineer?

Many startups are entering the Blockchain in various ways, like global payments, music sharing, and tracking diamond sales. This has increased lots of job opportunities for Blockchain engineers.

There are a variety of ways in which you can become a blockchain engineer. You can

  • Use Blockchain technology to build applications.
  • Put your efforts into developing the technology or things related to it, like creating a new blockchain currency or protocol.

Career Definition Of Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain engineers per se specialize in the creation and implementation of digital solutions for organizations. They use a unique type of technology to be able to do so. Blockchain technology allows the information to be distributed and shared publicly through the internet. This information is mostly not stored in one central location.

Thus, Blockchain engineers can work for data services firms and technology consulting firms. This work is usually restricted to a typical office setup. The engineers should analyze the organization’s technological requirements and create applications that help to meet them.

The job responsibilities would involve developing and implementing items like accelerators and assets, using technologies like Ethereum to take care of the organization’s infrastructure set up, and checking if all applications are secure.

Blockchain engineers can also analyze the code artifacts and train the junior staff under them. They would be responsible for determining the release dates for applications and keeping an eye on the implementation, so all projects get finished on time.

Engineers in Blockchain would have to create the document infrastructure of the organization’s application and implement any methods to ensure backend functionality. The engineers could collaborate with their IT colleagues to ensure smooth implementation of applications.

Required Education

People looking for a job in this field would need a bachelor’s degree in the Information system, computer science, or engineering, and some employers look for a master’s degree. If you have a background in database experience and single sign-on security experience, then that would be helpful too.

Those who are interested can look for membership in organizations like IEEE Blockchain Community. This community allows its members to remain updated on the latest happenings in Blockchain and also gives them access to training and networking opportunities.

Required Skills

Your technical abilities should be top-notch if you want to do well in this field. Some relevant skills and experience could be knowing programming languages like Java, Python, cryptocurrencies like BTC, Oracle identity, and access management solutions.

A blockchain engineer should have analytical skills to evaluate the organization’s needs and implement the solutions accordingly. They would also need to pay attention to every detail as sometimes they may have to deal with lots of system components at one time.

Career Outlook And Salary

Though the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not give any information on blockchain engineers, it is expected that this job will see a 22% growth between 2019-2029. In May 2019, the bureau reported that the average annual salary for all software developers is $107,510.


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