Foundry Digital To Join Hands With The Crypto Lobbying Group Blockchain Association

Foundry Digital To Join Hands With The Crypto Lobbying

Foundry Digital is a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group that is focused on the mining and staking of digital assets. On Thursday, it announced that it had signed up to join the Blockchain Association. This association comprises of industry leaders that advocate for collaboration and innovation that is required to provide American leadership in the crypto industry strong support.

This association is a member-based organization committed to improving the public policy environment for digital assets. It has more than 70 members, and the association uses the network and insight of fellow members to create impactful policies on industry consensus.

Being a member, Foundry joins hands with many other industry-leading firms at the forefront of blockchain innovation. The foundry’s joining will give the association’s platform a boost and combine the industry analysis and insights to get the lawmakers of the industry’s economic growth and further the technological innovations. In combination, Foundry and the Blockchain Association will help shape the public policy for this crypto industry and see that they adopt the highest industry standards.

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Director of Public Policy at Foundry Kyle Schenps said the following to reaffirm the step taken. “Foundry and its clients have grown rapidly and expanded operations in various regions that are often overlooked, demonstrating the type of economic development and community revitalization the crypto industry can bring to these regions. Blockchain Association will help us carry this message of success and growth to Washington, where lawmakers can help replicate our success in communities across the country.”

Advocating For Innovation

Communication and collaboration are at their most crucial point for the Blockchain industry. The recent US Infrastructure bill was a significant incident that modified the sector. The weeks and days that led to the bill’s passing were proof of the industry’s strength when it was united under one cause.

Multiple stakeholders within the sector joined hands and then signed the letter written to the Blockchain Association to request them to make an amendment. The members comprised of Fireblocks, Blockdaemon, Anchorage Digital, Kraken, AVE, BlockFi, Circle, Grayscale, and some other peers from the industry. These members of the Blockchain Association strengthened their opinion for advancing in the pro blockchain environment.


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