Top 9 Fintech Payment Companies

Fintech Payments

It’s difficult to imagine a life without mobile payment apps facilitating payments with a few taps. Fintech innovations have made easier ways to transact money with peers, manage expenditures, earn rewards, and more.

Global digital payments volumes are predicted to increase by an average 10.9 percent through to 2020, reaching nearly 726 billion transactions, according to the study by Capgimini.

Below are some of the top companies that contribute to the growing trend while at the same time speeding the process of payment, making it a simple process as well as a more secure one.

1. Circle

Circle uses fintech payment through the use of Circle pay. This helps in facilitating payments between two people. This is trading as well as a crypto investment platform that is used in 29 countries. The app allows people to easily exchange British pounds, Euros and US dollars.

2. Flywire

It uses fintech to personalize payment platforms for various international industries like the education, travel and Healthcare industry. Keeping track of payments may sometimes be very difficult, and this is true when one is dealing with foreign currencies. But with Flywire global collection, all payments will be fully reconciled while at the same time making sure all the parties are kept updated.

3. Remitly

This is another fintech company whose aim is to simplify international payments as well as money transfer. It also has a variety of global bank as well as cash pickup partners, and this has therefore made it easy for recipients to directly send or receive money. In addition to that, they can also collect the money in cash. With Remitly, you will be able to track your money, and you are also guaranteed of fair price and speed.

4. Aeropay

It uses fintech by saving your business money on a credit card. Even though banks can help you with this, the only problem is that their charges are higher than that of aeroplay. Banks would normally charge 5% while aeroplay will always charge 1.25%.

5. Doxo

This is a platform which allows its users to pay all the bills from one account. Instead of making payments through multiple channels, you can choose to download this app and have secure payments through it.

6. Dailypay

With daily pay, employees have the freedom to choose how often as well as when they should get paid. Employees can also withdraw the money anytime they wish, and when payday comes, the money they have withdrawn will be deducted. Companies using this app have recorded that there is a huge percentage of employees that acknowledge and use this app.

7. Headnote

This is a payment platform that is mainly used in the legal industry. It provides lawyers with a lot of options to accept their payments. Some of these include portal payments, credit card, and eCheck. It also contains an analytics dashboard which helps the law firm to automate the accounts to a receivable process. Law firms that use Headnote normally get paid 70% faster compared to forms that don’t Headnote.

8. Quadpay

This is a payment Platform which gives shoppers an opportunity to choose their payment instalment options. The best thing about it is that its payments have 0% interest. With this, you will be in a better position to plan your purchases.

9. Plastiq

With this tool, businesses can easily pay for their expenses. All you need to have is the information of the recipient and that on your card. Many companies have used this Plastiq, and everything has turned out just well.


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