Editorial Policy


Blockchain Magnets aims to provide accurate, impartial, well-balanced the blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web.

Blockchain Magnets are committed to providing you with balanced, accurate information. We employ editorial professionals who are responsible for content selection, development and maintenance process.

This editorial policy explains how we select and review the editorial content and tools you see on our site, how we distinguish advertising and sponsored content from editorial content, and how you may contact us to ask questions or comment on our websites.

At Blockchain Magnets, we aim to maintain high journalistic standards to provide unique and quality articles and news to our readers. When writing for us, you agree to these terms and understand that if you don’t follow them, your article could be rejected by us. You will enter a contract with us that will demand your written agreement to this policy.

Originality/Sources of our Information

We expect all articles to be 100% original. All articles on our website that we present as our own is either created by us or is obtained from content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and find to be acceptable.

They should pass copyscape and other plagiarism checks. The writer should only send ‘never-published-before’ content for approval by our editors. It is imperative that you focus on writing content that provides value to our readers. Articles that have been plagiarized or spun from a pre-published article will be rejected.
Claims and Data
Our content has been evaluated by in-house editors and all submitted content is reviewed for fair balance and whether learning objectives are met by the content.

All claims and data regarding  cryptocurrency should be duly examined before including in an article. Our editorial staff reviews most content from outside sources for accuracy, balance, completeness and timeliness before we make it available on our sites. We ensure that whatever data is getting published on our website is already available in public domain and has been verified by relevant sources.
The writers must link the data/statistics/claims to a relevant website where it was published previously. Writers can include pictures, graphs and screenshots to prove their claims. If no authority websites, experts back up your claim, writers should avoid using it in your article.
All the articles you write must add informational value to our readers. We aim to provide articles that can present the latest news to our readers and help them understand the nuances of blockchain technology and various cryptocurrencies.
Our readers are genuinely interested in cryptocurrency. Your articles should always have valuable information quotient for our readers of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency domain. In order to provide accurate, timely and relevant news and articles, our readers’ understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency should always be a priority for writers.
Article Acceptance
The acceptance of the article is sole discretion of the editorial board. The editorial board accepts articles entirely on their journalistic merits, timeliness, relevance and interest to the publication’s readership in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Decisions of the editorial board shall be final.
News writing
Here’s a list of rules for  news writers:

The lede should be a single sentence of roughly 35-45 words that summarizes the main points of the story. The lede should summarize the story from start to finish.
Sentences should be kept relatively short. A news story should be understandable to everyone.
Don’t use the first-person “I” in news stories.
News stories are generally written in the past tense.
Avoid the use of too many adjectives.
Never inject your opinions into a hard-news story.
Don’t repeat information. Don’t summarize the story at the end by repeating what’s already been said.

While writing news for us, make sure that you are verifying it with all credible sources. Even though we have smaller timelines for publication of news on our platform, we find it essential to focus on the authenticity of each news post before publication. Make sure that empirical evidence is available for each of the news articles and data presented in the post.

We expect you to follow this editorial policy for creating high-quality content for our readers.

If you would like to submit a piece or are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please contact editor@blockchainmagnets.com