Decentralized Exchanges Record Another Monthly Decline In Trade Volume In July

Decentralized Exchanges

The monthly drop in the volume of decentralized exchanges was $56.47 billion during July.

According to The Block’s Data Dashboard, 65% of the monthly volume figure was derived from Uniswap v2 and v3 — $10.6 billion and $26.57 billion, respectively. SushiSwap and Curve reported monthly volumes of $6.07 billion and $5.13 trillion, respectively.

This monthly number is a decrease in volume month-over-month, as compared to June’s $80.85 million. As shown in the chart, May saw the DEX ecosystem reach its peak volume. It posted $162.02 million in volume. Uniswap’s v3 went live that month.

The Data Dashboard shows that the percentage spot trade volume on DEXs was 8.98% compared to centralized ones for the month. This is a slight rise from June’s figure.

Source: Theblockcrypto


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