These Five dApps Are Resilient And Reliable. They Are Also Capable Of Solving Many Problems

dApps Are Resilient

Thousands of dApp are available for download. DApp is actually a distribution application, and these applications run on one server. D apps are both secure and resilient. These apps are controlled by business automation software.

These apps can’t function untill certain parameters are met. Despite running o thousands of computers globally these apps are secure and resilient.

These apps run on a blockchain, peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

They are community driven as no single authority own them.

Since they don’t run on one server, there will be no disruption in their functioning.  if one of the computers (or nodes) running the dApp software goes down, another node instantaneously resumes the task.

Since dApps can easily interact with smart contracts, they can easily remove administrative overhead.

But small and large businesses are using them to track and trace goods. They also eliminate the need of middlemen. Without taking help from middlemen, businesses can track cross-border transactions.

We have listed business and consumer 5 dApps, which have been endorsed by Litan and Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger organization. Some dApps are automatic choices as they are very popular.

1. Chainlink

Its Oracle system authenticates information from external feeds. One can have secure access to data feeds, payments and APIs.

Google is testing it as the intermediary for its BigQuery platform. The way Chainlinks secures data makes it harder to compromise. It uses oracle to transfer data feed to and from the smart contracts.

Since smart contracts don’t interface with external system, oraces are used to interact with system outside the blockchain (or DLT).

2. Brave

Currently, this web browser is being used by more than 9 million active users. It aims to transform online advertising model. Co-founded by Brendan Eich, inventor of JavaScript and a founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brave wants to give ore power in the online advertising.

Its proposed blockchain-based digital advertising and service platform keeps all players excited. Ad ecosystem’s key players namely advertisers, publishers and browser users have a keen interest in the upcoming platform, as it is expected to reduce the use of intermediaries.

3. EOS Dynasty

How can we ignore a dApp which boasts of 12,000 unique daily users.

It claims to be the first player-versus-player (PvP) game based on blockchain.

Three “heroes” can be created by players. These players gain more power and get stronger through their heroic efforts in battle fields. They do many things in the battle field right from riding tigers, horses to collecting various materials

Where is blockchain involved in this?

Players  get financial reward through a cryptocurrency called Three Kingdoms Tokens (TKTs).

These tokens can be collected through trading, PvP fights and many other means.

4. Chainyard

Supplier Information Management Systems suffer from many problems. They are slow. They are inefficient. Many complain that these systems can’t adapt to new requirements. Can blockchain solve all these problems?

Chainyard, a permission blockchain-based network, can do this, experts hope. There will be no need to use dated technologies such as email, spreadsheets and word documents. Identities can be verified; documents can be tracked without using these old technologies.

In partnership with IBM, Chainyard has launched a blockchain-based service: Trust Your Supplier. It can verify all kinds of documents throughout the lifecycle of a supplier.

5. Circulor

This dApp does supply chain traceability for electric vehicles and electronic industries. One can find out how raw material are being sourced. Where is it sourced from? Are these materials being sourced through ethical means or unethical practices are involved? Whether such practices are sustainable or not? Through its track and trace platform users can get to know everything. Plus, they also get secure deliveries.


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