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5 Best Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms 2022

best crypto lending platform

One of the most recent developments in Bitcoin and wider cryptocurrency community is the rise in lending service. Numerous platforms are being developed that let users borrow or lend money as well as earn interest from their crypto. In the last couple of years, it’s become more simple for users of cryptocurrency to earn money from their assets, as several new lending platforms for crypto have come up.

It is possible to think of these options as savings account for cryptocurrency however with incredible rates of interest when compared with traditional banks!

We evaluate the top Bitcoin lending sites and then list the top ones on this page.

Best Bitcoin Lending Platforms


  • Earn interest from your cryptocurrency
  • There is no requirement to lock crypto for a specific amount of time
  • Secure and reliable platform, located in the USA
  • Very good rates of earnings on Bitcoin and ETH
  • Provides an exceptional Visa credit card with Bitcoin rewards


  • Simple and easy to use cryptocurrency lending platform
  • Completely insured and licensed and controlled
  • Customers are able to borrow more than 45 different currencies.
  • Nexo Debit Card works using Mastercard technology.

Midas Investments

  • Get high rates of interest on your individual assets with daily cash rewards
  • Portfolios of multi-assets with high yields
  • Directly trade assets on platform

Celsius Network

  • App that is easy to use Instant loans
  • Some of the highest rates for crypto lending
  • Users are able to lend and borrow more than 38 different cryptos, comprising BTC, USDC, BNB and CEL
  • Free Bitcoin with registration codes


  • Built-in Exchange
  • up to 90% Loan-to-value ratio
  • Minimum loan amount for low loans
  • A wide range of investment options
  • Mobile App for iOs and Android

What are Crypto Lending Platforms?

These lending platforms function as intermediaries between lenders and the borrowers. The basic idea is that lenders can to make use of the platforms for earning interest from their inactive crypto assets, while the borrowers can borrow money.

If a person owns bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or another cryptocurrency is now possible earn interest on their assets in exchange for lending them for other customers. The top Bitcoin lending sites have a significant opportunity for investment return.

In the wake in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) It is possible to loan cryptocurrency to anyone else in an a very low-trust way.

What Services Do Crypto Lending Platforms Offer?

These platforms permit users to lend their cryptocurrency portfolios or loan from others. Furthermore, these platforms typically provide users with the option to take out loans in fiat currency against their cryptocurrency assets.

In these cases the user hand over the control of his Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency assets to the platform which then uses the cryptocurrency to be secured as collateral for loans which is made in U.S. dollars or the local fiat currency. If the borrower defaults on the loan the platform that lends crypto could seize the collateral in lieu.

It is important to note that many other services that are not related to lending can also be provided through these websites. For instance, certain crypto lending platforms operate as cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why Would I Want To Borrow Cryptocurrency?

There are many motives for the reason why one might choose to take out a loan for cryptocurrency. Let’s look at the two most common reasons.

For instance, if you’re bullish on the future value of a particular cryptocurrency you’ll probably intend to sell your crypto asset that you have soon. But, you may require cash in order in order to pay for your daily expenditures like rent or food purchases.

One method to have cash to fund your expenditures without losing the potential gains that can be gained with being exposed to Bitcoin cost is to take out U.S. dollars or your local currency with your crypto assets as collateral to secure the loan.

Some cryptocurrency miners opt for this approach, as it lets them pay for their electricity bills and other costs associated with doing business without selling their cryptocurrency holdings.

Another reason why someone might choose to borrow a cryptocurrency is to do with trade (like we mentioned in the HaasBot Review). If you wish to trade a specific cryptocurrency, then you’ll have to borrow that cryptocurrency from another person. In simple terms the process of trading in an asset short is making a bet that the price of the asset will decrease in value.

If you are shorting something is when you borrow the asset from a lender , and immediately sell it to the public market. The idea behind this is that when it’s time to repay the loan, you’ll be able to purchase the asset at a lower cost and retain the price difference as an income.

Can I Lend Crypto As Well? Do I Get Interest?

There are many different platforms that permit you to lend cryptocurrency to other people. You can earn interest from your crypto holdings and also instantly reinvest this profit into the same lending program. These platforms are basically giving you the possibility of compounding your investment.

Are Interest Rates Good On Crypto?

The rates of interest offered by cryptocurrency lending platforms are extremely superior to “high yield” savings accounts at traditional banks.

It is possible to earn an average of 18% in interest in certain instances that’s staggering when contrasted to interest rates at traditional brick mortar and mortar banks. Think about the fact that the standard savings savings account offered in the USA is currently offering a tiny 0.03 percent annual interest.

It’s also possible to keep your money in shoeboxes at this rate. If you use conservative estimates, you’ll discover that the interest rates for crypto lending surpass conventional bank rates by 50x, 100x or even more.

It’s important to remember that there are a myriad of factors that impact the rate of interest you pay. Examples include:

  • What amount of crypto are you ready to “stake” on the site
  • The length you’re willing keep your keys (one month or one month, three months etc.)
  • How much of their local cryptocurrency you have (CEL CRO, NEXO, etc.)

Are Crypto Lending Platforms Actually Legit?

Similar to other aspects of the crypto sector there are definitely frauds within the lending sector of crypto. Indeed, the promises of lucrative returns on Bitcoin holdings was among the frauds that were reported often on forums during the beginning.

However, the cryptocurrency lending industry has advanced from the Wild West days of the early Bitcoin businesses. There are now trustworthy crypto lending platforms which are totally above board and regulated in ways comparable with traditional institutions. A good way to prevent being scammed by a cryptocurrency loan platform is to steer clear of suspicious, anonymous companies which offer returns that sound too good to be true.

The top cryptocurrency lending companies have excellent reviews and impressive track record of security over time. However, it is recommended to never put more risk than you are able to lose.

How Do Crypto Lending Platforms Make Money?

The crypto lending program offers many different methods to earn money, however the truth is that they’re not any more than traditional financial institutions.

In essence, a cryptocurrency lending platform takes the user’s funds and uses it to work in different investment strategies. The platform that lends crypto earns a profit from the gap between the money they’re taking from one particular group of users and lending to a different group of customers.

Fortunately reputable crypto lending companies use over-collateralization to make sure they can always pay customers back immediately. If nothing else works they also work with the balance sheet to ensure they are able to reimburse customers in the case of a black Swan incident.

Can I Use The Account With The Crypto Lending Platforms?

If you are able to use your personal digital wallet and control your own currency while using a cryptocurrency lending platform will be contingent on the characteristics of the lending platform. There are both decentralised and centralised methods for users to communicate with crypto lending platforms.

Particularly, staking has been a method by where users are able to earn profits from their cryptocurrency investments without putting themselves at risk.

Staking is available in a range of different forms. For instance, proof of stake networks such as Tezos let users earn money by performing tasks that are similar to those of proof-of-work miners on Bitcoin. In addition processing transactions through bitcoin’s Lightning Network or offering liquidity to something similar to Join Market could be seen as an example of trading.

While staking should be handled by the individual, companies like Coinbase also place bets on behalf of their users.

Do Crypto Lending Platforms Have Exchanges?

There are a variety of cryptocurrency lending platforms that act as exchanges for cryptocurrency. The two companies complement one another well since exchanges provide easy on boarding for those who are new to using cryptocurrencies.

Can I Buy Bitcoin On A Crypto Lending Site?

If you are able to purchase Bitcoin via an online lending platform is contingent on the specific platform you are using; however most lending and borrowing platforms have close ties with exchanges.

Bitcoin is by far the most well-known and liquid cryptocurrency. If you can purchase cryptocurrency through an exchange for lending crypto, Bitcoin is likely to be among the first choices available.

What Are The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms?

The lending platform for cryptocurrency is among the fastest-growing segments of the entire cryptocurrency industry and it’s fast increasing the number of lending options available. It’s crucial to make sure that you’re making an agreement with an authorized lending service since you’re entrusting them with your crypto.

Here are the most prominent players in the sector of lending: is a service provider that offers the service ” Crypto Earn”. They offer this service via the mobile application for their wallet. Even though it’s an account that is custodial, has been able to attain a high level of trust from customers with the security levels that they’ve put in their systems.

Crypto Earn lets you secure your tokens for three distinct terms which each return an interest rate that is different. The longer the time period is, the greater the rate of interest.

The longest period is 3 months, which allows you to earn APR of 12% for stablecoins as well as 6percent APR with their Signature token, CRO and 6.5 percent APR for Bitcoin. has their most affordable and most high rates of interest in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

The shortest fixed-term is one month. This gives you the mid-tier rate of interest. 10 percent on stablecoins; 4 percent on CRO, and 4.5 percent on Bitcoin.

The third term of their contract is flexible, which means that at any moment, you are able to end the contract, return your possessions, and do whatever you wish with the assets. The downside is that you only can access the lowest interest rates. 8percent on stablecoins, CRO 2%, and the 2% rate for Bitcoin.

The payments are made on a weekly basis and they are directly deposited into your account, which allows you to utilize them however you like immediately following the payment.

BlockFi is among the top lending platforms in the cryptocurrency market. They offer a broad range of lending services. BlockFi brings value to the marketplace by pushing the boundaries of what’s available and offering unique lending options like automatic Compounding Interest, as well as the Interest Payment Flex.

Interest Payment Flex offers the option to select which asset you would like to receive your interest in. This lets you invest in different cryptocurrencies or diversify the portfolio without having to purchase an additional cryptocurrency.

Automatic Compounding Interest does exactly the same as it sounds The interest you earn from the asset you lend is automatically reinvested into the loan contract, which will then increase your subsequent interest payments. It has a powerful compounding effect, which allows you to build your savings at a faster rate.

Nexo differs slightly from the two previous ones we reviewed, in that they permit you to secure and loan stable coins as well as fiat currencies. On the other hand they also permit users to secure crypto currencies like Bitcoin as collateral for a loan to be made in an enduring fiat or stable currency that you prefer. Nexo has earned itself the status of an established brand in the industry because they have achieved the achievement of securing Licenses and Insurances for the cryptocurrency they store in their services.

As with, Nexo also offers an crypto visa card you can load your funds onto to make your money spend more conveniently. The ability of a card to allow users to use their cryptocurrency or even the money they earn from lending is vital to encourage the growth of cryptocurrency.

The Celsius Network

The Celsius Network is focused on breaking the conventional finance system and we are hoping that they can be able to offer the services that you can encounter in the bank. One of their most appealing features is their incredibly high rates of interest on certain coins.

Users can currently purchase, earn, and borrow directly through the Celcius Network, which is an impressive set of features. The website offers affordable interest rates to customers . You can earn up to 18% interest when making deposits to their wallet.

As with many other crypto lending platforms such as this one too Celsius Network offers a proprietary token. The token is CEL, and offers a number of benefits when you own the CEL for a specific amount or agree to receive your monthly interest payment in CEL.

One of the most fascinating aspect that is unique to the Celsius Network is that they are working to distribute up to 80 percent of their earnings in the form of deposits to customers. In this way, this Celsius Network is reminiscent of an institution like a credit union, as opposed to traditional banks.

Midas Investments

Midas Investments is slightly different from traditional lenders of cryptocurrency. The company uses DeFi to provide its clients with very high APYs on a variety of cryptocurrencies. The website offers a product called a Yield Automated portfolio (YAP). You can pick the stable Yield Automated Portfolio (which is comprised predominantly of BTC and the cryptocurrency ETH) or one that is a DeFi YAP (which includes comprised of all DeFi protocol).

Midas Investments is worth a check if you’re looking to make it into DeFi and need an easy way to get started. Remember the fact that Midas Investments is crypto-only, that means you’ll have to carry your own crypto and won’t be able to use the fiat on-ramp in the case of USD for instance.

How Do The Major Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms Compare?

It is important to remember that various lending platforms will be best for specific types of clients. There are some clients who just want to get the best rate possible, while others prefer borrowing an amount of cash in exchange for cryptocurrency so that they can use the funds elsewhere.

We prefer to analyze cryptocurrency platforms based on their features like the ability to earn interest, rates of borrowing credits cards, long-term investments software, and much more.


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