The Definitive Guide To The Best Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto Trading Bots

If you’re a novice to the crypto market or an experienced trader most likely you’ve heard of the crypto-trading bots. Though you may believe that these kinds of trading strategies are for experienced traders but automated crypto trading can be used by novice traders. Whatever your experience in trading, you’ll want to choose the best cryptocurrency trading robot.

What is the most effective cryptocurrency bot? There are free trading bots for cryptocurrency and paid services that come with each of their advantages. No matter if you’re searching for an cryptocurrency trading bot as well as one that is an Ethereum trading robot, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the top cryptocurrency trading bots in the market and assist you to choose which one is best for your needs.

Best Bitcoin Trading Bots


  • Slick U.I. for traders who are new to trading bots.
  • Daily emails for free with trading strategies
  • Option to open a free account
  • Aims to provide the best trading experience to users who are new

Trade Santa

  • Great entry-level trading bot platform
  • Virtual bot is available to test how it works, without risking your money
  • Fully automatizes the experience of trading
  • A number of pre-set trading strategies are available for you to use

Haas Bot

  • Advanced Trading Bot Platform
  • Cloud management is available to users
  • Trading simulations and backtests
  • Earn money by referring friends. Bitcoin

What Is A Trading Bot?

A bot for trading in crypto is an application program that was designed to study the market for cryptocurrency and make buy and sell transactions on behalf of the trader. The bot is an automatised cryptocurrency trading strategy that entails technological analysis and uses algorithms to make trades in the most optimal time to make money for the user.

The trading bots for cryptocurrency operate by relying on reprogrammed algorithms and trading rules. Their decisions are based on price fluctuations in the market. They look at market conditions, such as volume, price and even the amount of orders.

The top cryptocurrency trading bots are typically tuned by their users to suit their individual preferences for trading. When left to their own devices even the top crypto bots could result in losses for its users, so even though automated bots do the job to your benefit, they still need to be kept in check and monitored.

What To Look For When Choosing A Bot

There are many aspects to be looking for when choosing the best cryptocurrency trading bot, particularly when you think about the financial implications that the wrong one will impact your portfolio. The things to be looking for to determine if a bot is one of the top crypto bots are:


This is a simple one, because the crypto market never ceases to exist. If your bot suddenly stopped working you might miss an enormous live trading chance. So it is crucial to choose a bot which is reputable and is operated by a reputable firm. This is accomplished through reading reviews from users and testimonials.


Another one that is obvious. The bot has access to your money, and frequently your exchange account since it requires the trading platform to execute the crypto trading strategies that you’ve developed. Selecting a shady or untrustworthy trading bot could result in the loss of your money. For those concerned with security, the best trading bots for crypto will have a track record of security.

Ease Of Use

Although the most effective trading bots do not have to be easy to utilize, it’s something that is loved by both experienced and novice traders. In the end, the main reason to use a crypto bot for trading is making trading simpler. Look for the bot with an user-friendly interface with simple setting controls.


The main purpose of having bots is automatizing trading in order to make an income, which is an additional factor. The top cryptocurrency trading bots produce the highest profits for their customers.

Research the efficiency of a bot before you use it. Companies that are trustworthy will provide you with information about their bot’s performance.


The top cryptocurrency trading bot has an open and transparent source development and support staff. If you choose an automated trading system with an experienced developer and an established history of trustworthiness, you are not just able to make additional money, but also receive assistance should you require assistance.

Understanding how the bot’s company operates is essential information. Make sure you don’t choose the bot without looking up the team and founders.

Why You Might Want To Use A Trading Bot

There are many reasons to utilize a trading bot rather than making trades yourself with the only drawback for using a bot is that you’ll have to monitor what it is doing. Here are some reasons you may want to consider using an automated trading system:


Trading robots can study the market conditions of multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time, and make trades at any time there is a possibility to make an income. While humans are able to only study markets and cryptocurrencies by examining them one at a time. It is possible to miss numerous profitable trades simply because you are looking at a different crypto asset. Bots can handle it all and much more effectively.

They can also perform routine tasks, such as regular balances on your behalf with a speed that is much quicker. In addition, they can complete trades in a flash which makes their trades more efficient than if you had to be completing trades manually.

Automated Functioning

In the case of price fluctuations that are commonly encountered in cryptocurrency markets emotional reactions can impact the decisions made by traders.

However, with an automated robot, it is pre-programmed and is not affected by emotions. So, it will be able to follow its rules despite unpredictable market fluctuations.

Always Running

The cryptocurrency market never ceases and neither do trading. But, you can’t constantly be at your computer to execute trades. If you have a bot running, you are able to take advantage of trade opportunities at any time, not only when you are in a position. The ability to capitalize on chances results in better profits.

Crypto Trading Strategy

There are several trading strategies you could use your bot to implement Many bots are designed with the strategies with an eye on. Let’s take a brief look at a few them:

Mean Reversion

This strategy is based on the idea that if the value of a coin is different from its mean then it will be able to return to its standard. This is basically an purchase low and sell higher method. If the price falls to a level below the market average the bot will begin to buy and if the price rises in price, it’ll start selling.

Momentum Trading

To implement this strategy it is recommended that investors take short-term positions and then sells them at the top of the wave prior to it crashing. It is built on the idea that prices continue to rise over the expected averages, and eventually decrease.

This implies that timing for entry (when the trader purchases the market) and timing for exit (when traders sell out of an exchange) is essential. A bot is able to analyze information and decide the best time to sell a position ahead of everyone else trying to make the same decision.


The arbitrage strategy earns money by purchasing and selling on exchanges simultaneously , thereby making profits from the spread. In contrast to the momentum trading method, this strategy is not dependent on market conditions and comes with a low risk.

It is simply a matter of speedy purchases and sales to profit from price variations before they end. The bot is the one that comes in action as it will be able to execute simultaneous trades. The most efficient crypto arbitrage bots are capable of executing trades with the speed of lightning.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Crypto Bot Earnings?

In one word: Yes.

Tax laws differ around the globe, but typically, profits generated from the trading of digital currencies (or stock) are considered to be capital gains for short-term use. In the USA it means you’ll have to pay an additional tax rate based of your tax bracket. The tax rates range from 10% to 37 percent, so ensure you’re saving the appropriate amount of your income.

It is important to remember that trading or selling cryptocurrency is a tax-deductible situation, which means it is mandatory to have to show all your transactions on your tax return. We highly suggest cryptocurrency tax software to accomplish this, and hiring a registered CPA is an excellent option.

What Are The Best Crypto Trading Bots?

Here’s a brief review of some of the most well-known trading bots available in the market. Keep in mind that using a trading robot is always a risk, and there is no guarantee of results. It is best not to risk more than you’re willing. To help you think about this, here are the most trusted trading bots operating.

Trade Santa

TradeSanta is a cloud-based program that is designed to help you automate the trading of your cryptocurrency. It works with cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Huobi. It can be used to make trades short, long, or create your own automated system. It comes with a user-friendly interface, no trading charges and dependable security measures.

Trade Santa’s prices range from free to $42 per month.


Shrimpy launched in the year 2018 and has since become very popular with traders. It comes with the usual buy and sell options, and also rebalancing features as well as back-testing as well as social-trade. There is a free version that comes with almost all features with a low-cost paid version too ($13/month).

It is compatible with major cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin, Coinbase Pro and Kraken Also take a look at our Bitfinex comparison with Kraken for more information.

Haas Bot

Haasbot can be described as an advanced bot that is evident in the price which begins with a price of $254 annually. The bot was introduced in 2014. Haasbot is compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges.

It also provides access to several bots that execute trade strategies across different currencies and exchanges simultaneously. The bot runs in the cloud, so you won’t miss the opportunity to trade even if you’re sleeping.


3Commas is an extremely new and sophisticated trading bot with several sophisticated trading options that are built into. It is similar to Haasbot however it also can back-test trading strategies on other portfolios.

This could give you insights into the strategies of the most successful users of the platform which allows you to replicate their strategies, study how they perform and then possibly build the top of these strategies.

One of the main features that distinguishes this bot from different bots in the market is it’s capability to follow any cryptocurrency market. This lets the bot make a profit on a trade even if the selling target has already been met.

3Commas begins at $22 per month and goes up to $79 per month on their premium plan. It’s cloud-based and therefore is available all day, every day.


CryptoHopper offers a sophisticated platform for paid users that is simple to install and use. It’s another cloud-based platform that does not require setup with the ability to trade 24/7. It also works with traders who are willing to share their trading signals, which allows users to set their bots to trade in accordance with the signals of these traders. Experienced users can modify your own strategy. It’s possible to be integrated with all major exchanges.

CryptoHopper has three pricing options with prices that range starting at $19 each month up to $99 per month.

Coin rule

Coinrule is a new and simple to use automated trading system that is designed to be utilized by tech-savvy and less technical traders. The platform lets anyone pick from a range of pre-defined strategies that can be tested back-to-back prior to being put into use.

The more experienced traders can develop their own strategies which means that investors of any level are able to take part in the open cryptocurrency market and trade at any time.

Coinrule offers subscriptions between $29.99 to $249.99 and also offers a no-cost plan.

Gun Bot

Gunbot includes a variety of built-in strategies , including Bollinger Band, Ping Pong as well as Step Gain. A majority of its 6000 users believe it is Bollinger Band is their favorite. Bollinger Band strategy is the best and yields enormous profits. Gunbot runs on a variety of major cryptocurrency exchanges and is regarded as to be among the top Bitcoin trading robots.

Gunbot is a paid-for service with prices that range between 0.04 BTC to 0.25 BTC depending on the requirements of your.

Apex Trader

Apex Trader is a trading bot that comes with trading bots that allow you to apply a variety of trading strategies. It is highly customisation and comes with over 100 technical indicators that lets anyone develop your own trading strategies that are automated and then use the same strategies to run continuously with a broad range of trade pairs.

Strategies based on Profit taking and Reverse Trading as well as Cost Averaging. Cost Averaging include all integrated as well as the ability to create and save an endless amount of strategies.

Apex Trader has a 7-day trial for free and costs 30, or 60 pounds each month.


Zignaly will be an online trading terminal with crypto trading bots that let you trade in a way with assistance from other crypto signal companies. It is extremely simple to use and could be used as a passive income generator. It allows you to connect with an Trading View account, which means you can work with your preferred indicators. You can also create your personal strategy.

Zignaly is totally free to use and comes with advanced features, such as trailing and the possibility of pay for additional signal providers.


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