Reviews Of The Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers For 2022

Reviews Of The Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers

The market for cryptocurrency has grown exponentially in the last few years with hundreds of new tokens and coins.

Many crypto investors would rather diversify their portfolios and play with new coins instead of solely Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. Of course, with hundreds of coins , it is essential to have a method of looking at all of your investments at the same time.

This is where crypto portfolio trackers can be useful. Because of cutting-edge software portfolio trackers allow crypto investors to see a complete overview of their entire crypto portfolio and cryptocurrency investments, along with actual-time adjustments to prices. Check out the latest cryptocurrency portfolio tracker review.

Why A Crypto Porfolio Tracker?

The cryptocurrency market began with with only bitcoin and other bitcoin-based currencies, hundreds of new tokens and coins have been introduced in the last decade. These coins provide an abundance of opportunities in terms of making money through trading and buying the coins at the right time However, the market for cryptocurrency as a whole is somewhat scattered in terms of the locations where the trading is taking place. (For more information, check out the HaasBot analysis as well as our the Trade Santa Review.)

Because of the necessity to maintain accounts on various exchanges and maybe even getting in the decentralized exchange system this can make it difficult to keep track of one’s gains and losses on the crypto market. This is why crypto portfolio trackers are useful. The best portfolio tracker apps permit crypto traders to keep track of the entirety of their crypto assets within one application using their mobile phones.

A lot of these apps incorporate with the exchange API, so the process of keeping track of the value of all the crypto assets owned by an individual user could be fully automated. After reviewing all the various portfolio trackers for crypto available We’ve narrowed it down to just a handful of the top alternatives to track your cryptocurrency assets.

The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker: Blockfolio

Similar to bitcoin, which as the standard gold in the cryptocurrency world, Blockfolio is by far the most popular and successful cryptocurrency portfolio application. While there have been variety of new players entering the market for crypto asset trackers throughout the decades, the fact is that Blockfolio is the top crypto portfolio tracker because of its attractive interface and its long-term viability. From 2014 onwards, Blockfolio has grown to accommodate more than the 8,000 crypto assets as well as 300 exchanges across the globe.

One of the most appealing advantages of Blockfolio is the fact that it offers an extensive amount of personalization in the main page. It means that users will be capable of seeing exactly what they’re interested viewing as soon as they start the application. Users don’t have to go through the thousands of coins to find the information they require. Blockfolio Signal allows users to access the latest developments in any cryptocurrency asset in the moment it occurs. This feature means that users can alter their allocations to crypto as fast as they can in periods of uncertainty. Its news sections are extremely customizable, which means users can track the stories relevant to their personal portfolios. There’s a valid reason for why Blockfolio is often referred to as the most effective cryptocurrency tracking app.

Blockfolio Review

  • Supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrency and 500 exchanges
  • Blockfolio Signal for regular updates on the latest coins
  • Get crypto trading for free directly within the application
  • A complete, customized solution to match your portfolio of crypto assets

An Alternative Crypto Portfolio Tracker: CoinStats

CoinStats is the most frequently-used Blockfolio alternative. It comes with the same features that are available in Blockfolio including the wide array of crypto assets supported and personalization of news, however there are some significant differences too. For instance, CoinStats has a greater concentration on specifically the Ethereum ecosystem. In reality users can monitor the balances of their MetaMask wallets via the CoinStats mobile application.

CoinStats also provides a range of premium subscriptions which allow users to access additional features. With CoinStats Pro users connect up to up to 10 different exchanges, view 10 different wallets and add the possibility of 1,000 transactions gain accessibility to Coin Insights and access CoinStats across a variety of platforms. Coin Insights is a program that lets users access a variety of different information that are related to CoinStats users and the currencies they own. There’s a second paid tier that is available to users, referred to as CoinStats Premium. This is basically a lot better that it’s Pro subscription. There’s also a special subscription option, known as CoinStats Community that is targeted at trading communities with more than 10 members.

Coin Stats Review 2022

  • Coin Insights gives more details on specific tokens and coins.
  • Ideal for traders who are who are focused on the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • The app’s entry-level version is available for download for no cost
  • Ideal for trading communities.

The Competitors: Altpocket, Delta And CryptoWatch

Although Blockfolio along with CoinStats have been the two main contenders in the market for crypto portfolios There are plenty of new competitors coming that are also available. Three of the major players to be watching comprise Altpocket, Delta and Cryptowatch.

One of the main selling points of Altpocket, which helps it stand out from the other portfolio apps for crypto is the fact that it adds an element of community to the game of tracking crypto. Users can monitor their assets using their smartphones or through an internet browser on their laptop. Additionally, cryptocurrency stored on the world’s most well-known exchanges can be connected with Portfolio Tracker. The users who use the application are also able to connect with other users by either chatting with them directly or by viewing their profiles. Users can even follow other users, and receive alerts whenever they trade. While Altpocket was launched in 2017, it’s already becoming the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that traders prefer to use for those who require a little interaction with others with their trading.

For Delta the aim to be playing is to make things as simple as is possible for people who are new to the world of cryptocurrency. If you’re looking to purchase the very first bitcoin, or another digital asset, then this could be the perfect tracker to utilize in the present. This Android and iOS app was launched in the year 2017 and have been able to gain 1 million users in the first year of its being in operation. Users can also view their portfolios using the desktop application but this app is currently in beta. While the free version the app is ideal for novices however, the Pro version isn’t the most value. Users may decide to switch to a different app when they are more familiar with the cryptocurrency asset market.

Altpocket Review

  • Create a crypto trading social profile and connect with other traders
  • Learn from the best traders on the platform.
  • Import your trades into the major exchanges
  • It is possible to download this crypto portfolio tracker free of charge

Cryptowatch Overview

  • Owned by Kraken
  • Available for all platforms through a web interface
  • Trade your portfolio tracker for crypto
  • Standalone desktop app available


  • Monitor cryptocurrency assets, stocks and even currencies in one place
  • A better interface than any other tracker for crypto portfolios
  • A lot of features are included in the free version of the app.
  • A very active development team constantly striving to make improvements

What Is A Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A tracker for your crypto portfolio is basically the main access point to the crypto asset market. The applications let you see all your crypto assets on one screen and makes it easier to monitor your actual crypto balances , and also determine how you distribute your investments to the crypto ecosystem.

While everything began with Bitcoin in 2009, today there are many different crypto assets trying to centralize different areas of finance online. While some individuals prefer to buy bitcoin and then put it in the account of an exchange company or wallet, never touching it more active traders will require these kinds of applications to keep track of the state of their crypto investments throughout the day.

How Do Portfolio Trackers Work?

There are many ways that an asset tracker could function however the fundamental premise is that you should be able track the trades that you make in cryptocurrency doing on all the various exchanges you utilize regularly. Of course, you can simply open a spreadsheet on your computer and manually input the value of each trade as you enter it however, the purpose of a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is that it lets you automate the process and get access to a more thorough analysis of the trades you have made in the past.

The most effective cryptocurrency portfolio trackers concentrate on the benefits of personalization and automation. When every transaction you make is automatically included and analysed by the tracker of your crypto portfolio this can make your life easier. In addition, when your cryptocurrency tracker is tailored to the specific portfolio you have It makes it simpler to get exactly the information you need with the click of one button.

To achieve the highest degree of automation Many portfolio trackers for crypto incorporate with exchanges, which will automatically include your trades and produce an easy-to-read chart of your crypto holdings. Of obviously that not all transactions in crypto are done via exchanges, which means users of these applications need to record their crypto transactions manually too.

Are Portfolio Trackers Safe?

The trackers of your crypto portfolio can be as secure as you want.

Many of them are able to be linked with some of them, if you have account for exchange as well as other non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets You can restrict the power that the crypto portfolio tracker holds over your crypto assets. Although there are traders who are comfortable with providing their portfolio tracker with the complete control of their accounts for exchange however this is not condition of making use of these apps. It is more beneficial to make use of these applications with a view-only mode.

This way the tracker for your crypto portfolio can track all your cryptocurrency holdings but will not be able to send these cryptocurrencies anywhere. This will protect you from the possibility of an issue with security within the app for crypto portfolios which could lead to the loss of money. The entire point of crypto is that you don’t have to trust someone else with your money, therefore it is not a good idea to make sense to allow these apps access to your money.

Does Crypto Exchanges Work With The Portfolio Tracker?

Yes, a lot of exchanges connect with portfolio trackers using their APIs.

The tracker for your crypto portfolio is able to be directly linked to your account on exchange. In actuality, you’re in a position to trade using a variety of portfolio trackers. This allows you to have a complete overview of the entire market as well as the prices of various exchanges through an interface. However, it must be noted that loading the majority of your cryptocurrency into one of these applications is not advised due to security issues.

If the firm that developed the app for tracking crypto portfolios was compromised, it might be able to trick users of the application to download a malicious copy of the program which is designed to take customer funds. It is beneficial to connect your account on exchange in your cryptocurrency portfolio application in a manner which does not permit withdrawals or trading through API connections. API connection. This setting is typically changed on the exchange’s website, instead of the crypto portfolio tracker’s own.

It’s also worth noting that some apps for tracking crypto let users connect their wallets using crypto to the application. Like connection to your exchange account however, you shouldn’t let these kinds of apps to access your private keys as there is no recourse in the event that there’s a problem and you are unable to recover your funds. However, if you’re more of an “buy and hold” type of trader and do not require keeping funds in circulation on various trading platforms, the”view only” version of wallet integrations could be an excellent solution to monitor the progress of your cryptocurrency holdings in the long run.

What Features Should I Look For In A Portfolio Tracker?

The characteristics you should look for in a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker will be based on the particular use case you have.

There are numerous kinds of cryptocurrency users. Therefore, it’s not easy for one of these applications to satisfy the desires and needs of each person who uses cryptocurrency. Therefore, it’s best to test a range of different portfolios of crypto to determine which one best meets your requirements. There are still some aspects that should be considered as essential to a top-quality crypto portfolio tracking app.

  • Personalization Personalization is the primary element to look for in a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Each user of crypto tends to have their own set of assets in crypto that they’re holding. They’ll also be assigned different weights to ether, bitcoin, and other currencies in terms of their proportional share in the portfolio. If you’re able to alter the homescreen of the app to concentrate on the specific currency and tokens you have and also keep information and alerts to those coins that are most important to you, you’ll get the most value from the application.
  • Automation Automation is another important feature to look out for when using a crypto portfolio software since this is the primary reason to use the app initially. There will certainly be certain situations when you have to manually enter a cryptocurrency transaction, however, your crypto tracker should provide a range of integrations with wallets, exchanges, and specific coins in order to be as efficient as it is possible.
  • Information Personalization and automation are two of the most important aspects to be aware of when selecting a crypto portfolio tracker, having access to information is another feature that shouldn’t be left out. The app acts as your gateway to the world of cryptocurrency therefore you should ensure that you’re receiving access to all the latest developments and news in the world of cryptocurrency immediately they occur. In the majority of cases, purchasing the Pro or premium version of the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker gives you with better information than what you can find in free versions on Twitter or any other platform. The cryptocurrency market is very small, which means that every second counts for those who are an active investor.

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