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Best Crypto-friendly Banks & Fintechs 2022: Incorporating Btc To Your Bank Account

best crypto friendly banks

When people think of Bitcoin or traditional bank accounts, they tend to think of these two systems as an absurdity. In the end, the elimination of the huge amount of trust that is required by banks is cited as one of the main advantages in Bitcoin through Satoshi Nakamoto’s first whitepaper on the subject. However, now it seems that the two worlds Bitcoin as well as traditional banks are blending, as more cryptocurrency firms are seeking bank licenses, and traditional financial institutions are examining ways to use cryptocurrency to improve their services for customers.

The Best Crypto-Friendly Banking Apps


  • An excellent one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to invest in stocks or cryptocurrency
  • The process for easy onboarding requires little effort from the users
  • A fully-regulated financial institution that is located in the United States
  • Support for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, ETC, and BSV

Wealthsimple Crypto

  • All-in-one application that includes trading, stocks, and crypto options
  • Wealthsimple Crypto is accessible to Canadians only.
  • Wealthsimple is extremely secure and is regulated by a variety of regulators.
  • One of the fastest-growing online financial institutions around the world

SoFi Crypto

  • Get $10 when you begin trading cryptocurrency assets
  • Only available only in the United States
  • Fully custodial platform
  • Supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH & ETC

Cash App

  • One of the most simple methods to buy Bitcoin
  • Square is owned by the stalwart financial institution Square
  • You can transfer your Bitcoin into a personal account and not be harmed by competing apps
  • Very simple sign-up procedure
  • Trustworthy and reliable


  • Fintech-based banking solution with crypto features
  • FDIC insured with various advanced security features
  • Innovative savings vault technology that is leading the industry
  • Very well-liked disposable virtual cards

The History Of Banks Backing Cryptocurrency

Although the concept that there are “crypto friendly banks” may appear strange at first, the truth is that we’re in the very beginnings of Bitcoin’s growth as a brand new financial system.

In the beginning it is crucial to allow Bitcoin to be integrated into the existing banking system since people have to be able move between the traditional system and the modern (and vice versa) with ease. Since, not many people pay their groceries, rent as well as other needs with cryptocurrency at present.

The entire purpose of Bitcoin was to eliminate trustworthy third-party entities however in the final analysis, consumers still appreciate convenience and the possibility of having all their assets accessible via a single platform.

So, we’re transitioning into a universe of banks that are crypto-friendly to the crypto enthusiasts across the globe. When choosing an innovative bank that is aware of what’s happening in the Bitcoin system, clients will be capable of obtaining lower costs for switching between cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies.

This provides and enjoy a smoother experience when trading as well as an improved user-friendly version of the cryptocurrency revolution.

What To Look For In A Crypto Friendly Bank

What are the most important qualities to look for in a crypto-friendly bank? If you’re not sure how to begin, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the key offerings to look for when searching for the right bank for all of your cryptocurrency-related activities.

Ease Of Use

One of the major issues with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is the ease of use. It’s a revolutionary technology that has completely changed the way people think about the security of their digital currency because of the manner in the way that cryptocurrency transactions work and are irreversible.

The fact that anyone can have their keys stolen, be attacked, or transfer an irrevocable payment to an unintentional recipient has led to numerous issues with the ease of use.

However, this problem is simpler than crypto bankers to resolve since they generally have the responsibility of ensuring their customers their crypto assets.

A user interface that allows you to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio and transfer it to and from crypto balances and fiat lets you eliminate some of the stress that are associated with how crypto protocols function on the basis layer.


Security is a concern which must be dealt with with extreme care when it comes to cryptocurrency. It’s simple to make a payment that is irreversible is also a sign that it’s harder to repair issues when things go wrong in terms of security and the level of security provided by a cryptocurrency-friendly bank must be considered the first priority. Find a bank which has a proven experience within the cryptocurrency industry without having to deal with any major security breaches, as they are the banks that most secure your crypto assets.


Reliability is an aspect that is a combination of many aspects of a crypto-friendly bank. Security is clearly a major factor, as you need to be aware that hackers won’t be in a position to steal your cash. Additionally you must look over the registrations and licenses that are issued from the institution.

It is not advisable to pick a bank located in a suspicious jurisdiction or has anonymous founders because these kinds of situations typically result with customers being victims of a scam to exit.


Fees are an area of interest for those who initially begin their journey into cryptocurrency or bitcoin trading since customers don’t want be charged a high cost each time they switch between cryptocurrency and fiat. However, it’s important to be kept in mind that you’re going to receive exactly what you pay for in this field.

While there’s no problem with paying low fees but be sure that you’re not sacrifice other aspects for security, in exchange for a slight decrease in fees. However, the costs to switch between various currencies at crypto-friendly banks have become less expensive as time passes.

Extra Features

In addition to the fundamental issues of security and fees Crypto bank customers should be thinking about other special features that some crypto banks have. For instance, will you be able use debit cards that are that is backed by bitcoin with the crypto bank of your preference?

What about interest-based accounts? Are you able to earn interest on your crypto assets? These are just some other features you might think about being in an online crypto bank.


It’s an age of mobile-first and the performance of a crypto-friendly banking institution’s Android and iOS applications will be a major factor to consider when selecting a crypto financial institution. One of the most important things to consider is whether all the features provided by the institution are available through mobile apps.


Another aspect to take into consideration when choosing a crypto-friendly bank is whether or not you will get reward or interest on your cash by using its products or services. It could range from rewards for a debit card linked with this crypto-bank, to the possibility of earning interest on bitcoin that the bank holds for you.


The existence of a specific crypto bank is difficult to pinpoint right now since the regulations surrounding cryptocurrency are changing in different countries. At present it’s best to stay on top of cryptocurrency regulations in your area and choose bitcoin banks that have the ability to legally operate in your state.

Moving From And To Fiat Currencies

We’re in the beginning stages of the Bitcoin revolution, and you’ll still have to utilize conventional fiat currency from time time. When you’re making payments with cryptocurrency or would like to purchase coffee with the Bitcoin-powered debit card ensure that you examine the ease of being able to transition between the new and traditional global financial systems before you sign to open an account in a cryptocurrency bank.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

In the end, it’s logical to research which cryptocurrency are accepted by a crypto bank prior to making it your main banking system. Each crypto-friendly bank has some kind of connection with bitcoin, but you’ll probably need to conduct some research if you’re looking to invest in the more specific altcoins.

What Makes A Crypto Friendly Bank Different Than A Traditional Bank?

The most important thing that differentiates the crypto-friendly bank from the kind of bank account you might already have is the fact that a crypto friendly bank will not see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in a negative way. Actually they are likely to integrate cryptocurrency directly into their banking websites or have already made the move.

While some banks actually stopped transactions involving Bitcoin previously but more banks are adopting a more open approach to this technology, and are integrating cryptocurrency with traditional bank operations in one interface.


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