Best Crypto Credit Cards: Earning Crypto Rewards

Crypto Credit Cards

Credit cards that are digitally encrypted are not a brand new thing however, they’ve certainly been gaining importance in the past few years or so. While Bitcoin was initially touted as a method to transform the world of online transactions but the reality is that the majority of people use crypto assets as a way to store value or as speculative trades.

In reality, there are some limitations to scaling that come with blockchains that are public and decentralized which have made it possible for credit card debit cards to be a common alternative for crypto enthusiasts who is looking to invest the majority of their funds in the real world.

Best Cryptocurrency Credit Cards Visa Card

  • Up to 8% in crypto cashback on any purchase
  • A huge variety of perks are available which include the free Netflix, Spotify and Airport Lounge access
  • Unique CRO Staking model that offers five different levels of cards
  • Premium metal cards of the highest quality.

Coinbase Visa

  • Visa card is backed by one of the largest and trusted businesses in crypto
  • The links to connect to your Coinbase account
  • Use your crypto wherever you want. Visa is accepted.
  • Switch between currencies in a flash

Club Swan Mastercard

  • Concierge services are accessible 24/7 to assist you with lodging, travel and much many other issues.
  • The most extensive coverage of any card company, with more than 180 countries.
  • No charges for funding your credit card with fiat

BlockFi Visa Card

  • Simple and secure method to earn 1.5 percent cashback in crypto
  • The BlockFi platform is an extremely trusted cryptocurrency lending services.
  • The majority of crypto-based cards are restricted to debit, however BlockFi is a valid credit card.
  • New users can earn free Bitcoin when they exceed the spending limits set by the company.

Swipe Visa

  • There are a lot of benefits for those who want to bet SXP tokens
  • Dual-interface NFC/EMV cards
  • A solid connection with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay
  • Four different levels of cards with different rewards

What Is A Cryptocurrency Credit Card?

Although the traditional credit card is generally tied to bank accounts A crypto debit card allows users to use the power of spending that comes from Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrency accounts. Yes, there are now cryptocurrency credit cards available for those who want to lend against their crypto assets, and are able to use them anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

Let’s look closer at the cryptocurrency credit card ecosystem to determine if this combination of the traditional financial system and the digital currency of the future might be the best option depending on your needs.

Do I Need A Crypto Bank Card?

There are many various reasons the reason why someone should consider the crypto debit card. For some, the truth is that a cryptocurrency debit card is one of the only options available to access the world economy.

For most people, cryptocurrency debit cards only make it easier to convert digital assets into cash that can be used on the streets. Yes, you could hold your crypto funds on an exchange, sell those holdings, and transfer them to your bank account when you need some spending money, but this can be a time-consuming process with a difficult-to-understand user interface that doesn’t make sense in the age of digital money.

Credit cards that are crypto-debitable give you the possibility of turning the crypto currency into local currency within a matter of minutes. Then, you’ll be able to utilize that cash at any merchant which will accept Visa or Mastercard immediately. You can also withdraw cash at ATMs with crypto card prepaid.

In the same way that turning crypto to cold cash can be the principal selling point for crypto debit cards, they offer other benefits to be considered like the possibility to immediately access a loan secured with your cryptocurrency asset portfolio or the opportunity to earn cashback rewards that are based on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

What’s The Difference Between A Crypto Credit And Debit Cards?

Before we get into the details it is important to distinguish between debit and credit cards. Debit cards are a type of card from a bank like Visa or Master card that permits a person to make payments using a credit card. These take cash from a bank account in which the person has already made deposits of funds , such as the bank account. When using a credit card the customer does not require any money deposited with the bank or any other financial institution before they can begin spending money. The cardholder can make purchases up to particular amount each month, and is required to return all money have spent at the end the month.

Although cryptocurrency debit cards have existed for some time however, cryptocurrency credit cards have been a new concept that allows customers to immediately spend the money they’ve borrowed against their crypto-backed collateral. There are also a lot different crypto credit card currently in development that function exactly like traditional credit cards with the main difference being in that rewards for cashback are distributed in Bitcoin.

What To Look For In A Crypto Credit Card

There are nine important characteristics to look out for when purchasing the cryptocurrency credit card.

Ease of use

A cryptocurrency credit card has to be simple to use. The main purpose of mixing cryptocurrency with traditional financial systems is to enable people to begin using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets for daily payments in the shortest time feasible. Certain digital debit cards offer with impressive rewards and benefit plans that are integrated with innovative experiments in cryptoeconomics that can be difficult to grasp. For many, finding the right card that permits an exchange of Bitcoin into a prepaid, spendable Visa credit card will be all that is required.


It shouldn’t come as a as a surprise to learn that cybersecurity is a crucial concern for any aspect that has to do with the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency works differently than traditional payment rails that many people have utilized previously. In addition, transactions with Bitcoin as well as other crypto currencies generally, irreversible. That means that there’s no one to call for assistance in a case in which you’ve lost your password or were hacker-infected. This is why it is crucial that you select an online credit card that lets you keep your crypto in a safe manner.


Reliability is a different issue when it comes to cryptocurrency. One’s ability to use money is crucial particularly when it comes to purchases like food items or paying for rent. It is important to ensure that you’re working with a trusted brand when you select an online crypto debit card because you don’t want be in a position that you can’t access your money.


Although fees should not be the only factor to consider when deciding among different cryptocurrency debit card options, there’s no secret that everybody wants to save as little money as they can on processing charges and the expense of cash withdrawals from ATMs. There’s a myriad of fee structures that are used in the field of crypto debit cards and it is important to review the terms and conditions prior to making your choice on the card you want to use. If you’re finding it difficult to determine the costs related with one particular card and the card company might be trying to hide the actual price of their service.


The additional features offered in the majority of cryptocurrency debit cards are quite limited at present because the majority of cryptocurrency card companies are looking to nail down the process of converting cryptocurrency assets into fiat currencies that is stored on a debit cards before moving on to other features. The majority of choices do come with at least one distinct feature that lets it distinguish itself from other choices available. When you are looking at various cryptocurrency debit card options take a look at your specific situation and decide which crypto debit cards that are more to meet your requirements.


The use of an app with an cryptocurrency credit card essentially required at the moment. You’ll want to monitor you balance and transactions and all other aspects of your cryptocurrency debit card in any time and that means you’ll need an app that handles all of your transactions while traveling. One of the best features available in crypto debit card applications today is the ability to instantly freeze your account in the event it’s stolen or lost.

Incentives And Rewards

It’s important to know that the amount of rewards and incentives available for crypto credit cards is quite restricted at the moment. There are some cryptocurrency debit cards that provide cashback rewards of up to 5 however, these typically come with the requirement that you purchase and store a significant amount of a private token (this has a some risk). There are more programs that offer cashback reward rewards in Bitcoin continue to come on the market, however it might be better to look into other elements for now.


Accessibility is a huge issue for cryptocurrency credit cards due to the fact that the rules surrounding cryptocurrencies appear to be shifting from week-to-week. The laws aren’t just changing, but also companies such as Visa and Mastercard are also changing their internal policies about how they manage with cryptocurrency assets at times. The search for a credit card that is accessible worldwide is somewhat of a hassle at the moment, so be sure that you are sure that your Bitcoin card is accessible in your region prior to signing a contract.

Conversions Between Local And Crypto Currency

There are a variety of various factors to take into consideration when deciding if you’ll be able to charge a crypto credit card with the cryptocurrency you prefer. What crypto assets can be included in the cryptocurrency debit card? Are there various fee structures that can be triggered when various cryptocurrencies are used to replenish the debit card? What is the time frame for receiving funds following a transaction is made? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when changing between fiat and crypto using debit cards.

How Do I Fund A Crypto Credit Card?

Although crypto credit cards are clearly designed to make cryptocurrencies easier to use on a regular basis, that these cards typically offer a range of options for funding which can be utilized. In the main part, you’ll want to change to convert your Bitcoin, Ether, or any other cryptocurrency you like into your local currency using you Visa and Mastercard debit cards, however it’s never hurt to be able to use other methods like direct deposit or bank wires that are also available.

There are a myriad of ways to top the crypto-debit card it is easy for your card to function as the equivalent of an account at a bank because you do not have to worry about having the bank account open to receive certain kinds of transactions.

Upcoming Crypto Credit Cards

In 2022, the majority of major cryptocurrency exchanges and lending institutions have crypto credit cards currently available or under the process of developing.

Credit cards are an extremely important component of a cryptocurrency platform as it lets users use their crypto without having undergo the selling process (even even if technically they are selling it to add fiat currency to their card).

Here’s a list of crypto credit cards currently under development, along with their features that are being considered:

Gemini Mastercard

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated cryptocurrency credit card will be the Gemini Mastercard it can offer as much as 3 percent back in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that is offered by Gemini. It will be accessible across every state with no annual fees. Customers will get their crypto rewards immediately and be able to put them into a stake with the Gemini earn in order to receive more cryptocurrency.

Celsius Network

The details are not yet disclosed regarding the Celsius Network credit card but the company has stated that they have one in the works. It appears that the company is planning to allow customers to utilize their crypto staked as collateral to pay for their credit cards, so that means they will be able to earn cryptocurrency when they spend crypto, which is a shrewd. Additionally, customers can make payments on their credit card with fiat cash, stablecoins or reward. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.

SoFi Credit Card

It’s a new SoFi credit card been made available with an attractive cashback of 2. It’s not the traditional crypto credit card , but customers can make use of their rewards to buy cryptocurrency on the platform. For more details, check out the SoFi review.


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