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14 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs Of 2022

Crypto affiliate programs

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are continuing to surge in the public interest and search engine queries. Due to the growing desire for bitcoin, digital currencies, and blockchain, many exchanges like products, apps, blogs, and services have been produced.

Besides, the need to own the cryptos is also increasing. But, making money with cryptos and bitcoin goes beyond investing and trading in them.

Most crypto firms use affiliate marketing to grow customer sales, trading volumes, and sales. A merchant can use cost per action (CPA) models such as cost per sale/pay per sale, cost per transaction/pay per transaction, and cost per lead/pay per lead. A transaction can be a deposit, money transfer, trade, or any activity that involves money.

Crypto exchanges, together with trading apps, comprise bulk of Bitcoin affiliate program offers, followed bywallet and payment options. Most programs do not disclose the cookie duration, but one can assume one month to three months.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

Usually, the merchants pay affiliate cash, bitcoins and cryptos like Ethereum. Various crypto firms use Impact, which is among the best affiliate networks.

The advantage of dealing with trustworthy networks is that they have tracking and payment efficiencies. Besides, you will find other companies that use an in-house affiliate marketing software.

Here, we will provide you with a robust list of the best Crypto affiliate programs to help you raise your income and options. This list is based on the company reputation, site rankings, customers,

1. Paxful

Paxful affiliate program

This is a top exchange for purchasing Ethereum, Tether, and Bitcoin. Besides, users can become vendors and accept payments. As the leading P2P marketplace, Paxful supports more than 350 payment methods.

With Bitcoin affiliate programs, you will get a 50% of the fees for exchange when one of your referred clients buys bitcoin through the platform. One of the powerful features of Paxful is that you get 10% commissions when your referred person buys bitcoin.

2. Binance

Binance affiliate program

This is also one of the major crypto exchanges by trading volume as it offers a comprehensive investment platform. The Binance affiliate program allows you to share the referral link to the audience and earn up to 50% commission on each qualified trade. Those people who sign for the Binance account using the referral links earn easily.

3. Bit MEX

Bit MEX affiliate program

This is an excellent P2P trading platform that provides leveraged contracts which are purchased and sold in Bitcoin. Users who signed up with a valid link get a 10% discount for six months.

Usually, the affiliate gets the percentage of the total commissions paid by the people you referred. Every referral generates affiliate commissions for the account. The commission percentage they get depends on the Bitcoin turnover of the account’s referrals if no payout is received.

4. Haas Online

Haas Online affiliate program

It is one of the popular automated trading platforms for advanced traders. Haas Online serves as the trading bot which can be traded automatically on your behalf using ideal trading strategies. Also, it supports more than 22 exchanges.

This affiliate program is highly competitive. Until now, it has paid out approximately more than $1,216,962. If you want to promote your products, then this is your affiliate program.

5. Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA affiliate program

Currently, 50,000 bitcoin and crypto holders use Bitcoin IRA to hold the crypto assets in their accounts. If you are savvy investors who want to shield their money from the tax return, Bitcoin IRA is your option.

This program enables one to earn $75 for every customer that signs up to the Bitcoin IRA account. Bitcoin IRA presents an excellent option for affiliate marketers.

6. Coin Rule

As retail investors start to buy and sell crypto, they’re continuously looking for automated solutions to help their trading. This platform allows one to build automated solutions without requiring coins.

You can choose from the 150+ rules like stop-loss, daily performance, trend rebalancing, and many more. The Coin Rule program provides a 20% recurring commission on all the plans of affiliates.

7. Coinbase

It’s no secret that the Coinbase program can bring great results for promoters. Often, it’s the first company that is showing people the crypto world. This program provides a 50% of commission for the trading fees for the first three months the user is on the platform.

To start, you just apply for this program by filling out the form. After approval, you can then begin promoting using the affiliate link.

8. Trezor

Trezor affiliate program

This is another household name in the crypto world. Trezor is a hardware wallet that enables one to keep the crypto offline safely.

Since Trezor is all over, it is highly recommended to try it out. This affiliate program provides a 12-15% commission for the referrals. The best thing about Trezor is that it can pay using Bitcoin.

9. Changelly

Changelly affiliate program

It is a fast and secure way to exchange, purchase, and trade more than 150 cryptocurrencies. It shares approximately 60% revenue share from the crypto to crypto and from fiat to crypto transaction. It has live chat and email support available 24/7 to make sure you earn commissions without trouble.

10. FTX

FTX affiliate program

This is a cryptocurrency derivative that was built by traders for traders. Typically, it supports futures for the major cryptocurrencies, OTC, and leveraged tokens.

It pays the referral fees, which are discretionary and up to the judgment of the FTX. The guidelines are that it maintains the ability to change them at any time. Also, FTX might not consider complaints arising from the referral fees for any reason.

11. Huobi

Huobi affiliate program

This is a leading global digital asset exchange with a global network license. Huobi allows you to race in order to finish the line as you refer to friends and other crypto ambassadors. You can join the Huobi Affiliate Program to compete and win up to 40% referrals for the Huobi Spot and 30% Huobi Futures.

12. Bybit

Bybit affiliate program

This is one of the best crypto affiliate programs exchange that has been soaring lately. You have probably seen them on the internet. The reason for this is that the affiliate program is the best. The program enables you to earn commission on other people you refer and those referred by other people.

13. Kucoin

Kucoin affiliate program

This is one of the most used cryptocurrencies. The program can receive between 30-50% trading fees depending on the onboard individuals and is the most competitive exchange rate available in the market.


TRASTRA affiliate program

It provides cryptocurrency debit cards for payments, web and mobile apps for UK and EU users, and a multi-currency wallet.


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