Category : Blockchain Glossary

51% Attack

Pranjal Mahajan
Usually, attackers use 51% of attacks to reverse the transactions that have already taken place in the blockchain.

Absolute Advantage

Absolute advantage is when a producer can produce a good or service in greater quantity for the same cost, or the same quantity at lower...

Active Management

Pranjal Mahajan
It is where human capital is used to manage the portfolio of funds. Normally, managers in charge of active management rely fully on personal judgment,...

Ad Hoc

Pranjal Mahajan
This Latin word means “to this,” commonly understood as “for this.” Besides, it can be used to mean “as needed.”This term is commonly used in...


Pranjal Mahajan
In the cryptocurrency business, an airdrop means a marketing stunt that involves sending tokens or coins to the wallet addresses to enhance awareness of the...


Pranjal Mahajan
This is an allotment of equity or tokens that may be purchased, earned, or set aside for a certain investor, an organization, a group, etc....


Pranjal Mahajan
Altcoin is a cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Altcoin share some characteristics, but they are different in some ways. Altcoin differs from Bitcoin in...


Pranjal Mahajan
Cryptocurrency is a type of currency where encryption is normally used to regulate and generate currency units. It uses cryptography to ensure there is security...

Angel Investor

Pranjal Mahajan
An Angel investor is also called a private investor, angel funder, or seed investor. It is a high-net-worth person who offers financial backing to small...

Anti-Money Laundering

Pranjal Mahajan
It refers to the policies and legislation forcing financial institutions to monitor their clients to prevent corruption and money laundering. Financial institutions are needed to...