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Russia’s Crypto Technology Reveals Cashbox X-Gaming & Crypto Mining PC


These days the Russian market has a new product and that is a hybrid computer for gamers as well as miners. If anyone manages to participate and purchase that computer he can get quarter of ether as his monthly income.

The company which has brought out this computer is Crypto technology and it already has a couple of existing products on the market like Cashbox –X-Gaming. This company’s product has features like Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, Nvidia GTX 1060/1070/1080 Ti video cards along with a brilliant sound system. Also available is a low-end configuration of the model which comes with a hash rate of 106 MH/S.

Starting price for this Cashbox –X-Gaming is less than 140,000 roubles which come to about 2200$. Along with the product, you also receive a 3-year warranty, potent configurations, highly powerful processor and graphics processing units. The CEO of Crypto Technology Anton Sobin has this to say,

“We are focused on developing the mining sector in Russia, and therefore we try to make the equipment available to everyone. The gaming model will allow users who are not ready for serious investments to try mining and understanding the specifics of this exciting and profitable crypto sphere.”

In the past also average PC’s have been used for mining, however, the effectiveness of the process increases thanks topowerful computing.

According to the developers of the Cashbox –X-Gaming, this product is capable of minting 0.23 ETH per month. So even if the product is not being used for gaming the owners can still derive a passive income out of it. Also comes with the product free training on crypto mining and 24-hour tech support facility.

The trouble that accompanies the mining process is that Asian manufacturers are feeling pessimistic and seeing the recent trends on the crypto markets they do not seem to feel so sure about the whole thing.


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