17 Companies Using Blockchain To Transform Real Estate Industry


Blockchain is all over the place. So much so that we feel that it has touched almost all the sectors at a length. The real estate industry is not to be left behind and very soon vacation homes, rental houses and other places can easily be booked using blockchain.

The payment processes would be transparent and the chance of any fraud happening would be minimized. Daily transactions in real estate are increasing and a multiple listing database would ensure that brokers and agents can keep a track on the history of transactions for a property.

While this is happening, there are some companies who are taking the lead and here we mention 17 of them.

1. The Lending coin

The Lending coin

Peer to peer real estate financing is taken care of by this company. It offers fractional real estate interests and with the implementation of blockchain, all processes are made secure and safe.

2. Crypto realty group

Crypto realty group

Crypto realty group is a consulting firm and it works financial consulting and crypto escrow firms. Their aim is to help the clients buy and sell all kinds of property with the help of cryptocurrency.

3. Imbrex


This is a listing platform as such and encrypts that data with the help of blockchain. Imbrex’s main purpose is to connect the buyers and sellers and use tokens so that the chances of any duping are minimized.

4. Cprop


Crypto properties have built applications that work to identify the problems, risks, and opportunities that the real estate industry faces. Their technology can be applied to a lot of areas like investment management, property development, insurance, and finance.

5. Streetwire


The company boasts of having a data provider-controlled ledger which invariably secures all the transactions that are made. Mostly it facilitates the safety of the property purchases and also makes them faster.

6. NetObjex


This is a blockchain developer company whose ledger technology is making its presence felt in multiple industries. However, the primary focus, in this case, is the real estate. By far they have helped many real estate firms use IoT technology and smart contracts to make their work processes coordinated.

7. Shelter Zoom

Shelter Zoom

Any real estate purchase passes through the offer making and acceptance process. Shelter Zoom is a company that streamlines the same. Their highly secure platform records and tracks each and every movement of the transaction to ensure they happen without any glitches.

8. The Bee Token

The Bee Token

The bee token has a totally different approach to property. They are dealing with home-sharing and have created a blockchain platform to do so. It is quite similar to Airbnb however the only difference here is that the payment after the renting out is made in cryptocurrencies.

9. Harbor


The company is more of a compliance platform and it works on tokenizing private securities and real estate is also a part of the same. They are tokenizing funds, real estate assets, building ownership in order to increase the liquidity of the market.

10. Slice


Often smaller investors feel left out and that is where Slice comes into the picture. Using their ledger technology, the investors join a pool of the bigger players in the market. This helps to make the investment process for them simple and easy to execute.

11. Propy


By using smart contracts, the platform executes all international property transactions. If there are international processes involved for the completion of a sale these contracts would eliminate the chances of any loopholes and frauds from happening.

12. Reasi


This is the first initiative to take care of real transactions in the property segment. Third-party intervention is removed and their blockchain-based platform takes care that all the sales happen smoothly, quickly and safely.

13. Smartrealty


As the name suggests the company uses smart contracts when it comes to purchasing and renting properties. Whether you are establishing mortgages or paying rent over a property these contracts ensure that the moment conditions default the contract would stand canceled.

14. Meridio

This company gives property owners the right to sell shares of their commercial property. The platform they have connects the owners and those who would be interested in purchasing. These include individual as well as corporate investors.

15. Realblocks

RealblocksThe company is aiming it to make investing in properties easier for the people. Instead of buying the full portfolio or interest you may choose to take fractional interest in the same. They use tokenization and reduce fees, improve liquidity and make the processes faster.

16. Managego

ManagegoThis company is helping those who have to rent out their properties. The ledger backed software they operate helps the property owners to process the payments, conduct background checks and manage ticketing maintenance. It is now much more transparent to understand the working of a prospective customer.

17. Propertyclub


Based in New York the company is a real estate platform that actually simplifies the way in which people can buy, rent or sell out their properties. It uses smart contracts and uses bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to finalize any transactions done. They have their own property club coin to do so.


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