10 Real World Examples Which Show Blockchain Is More Than Just Bitcoin

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It has now become clear that blockchain technology is not just about Bitcoin. Almost important sectors including healthcare, media and finance are turning to blockchain to transform their operations.

Here is a list of 10 examples of innovative uses of blockchain:


  1. With the use of blockchain, Guartime has created a “keyless” signature system. Health records of Estonian citizens are safe thanks to this unique system.
  2. REMME aims to end the practice of logins and passwords for authentication. In its place there will be decentralized authentication system which will be operated throgh SSL certificates stored on a blockchain.


  1. Gem: In order to provide quick and better services when future pandemic arrives, the Centre for Disease Control is putting disease outbreak data on blockchain. Gem is assisting CDC in this ambitious project which aims to improve the effectiveness of disaster response in America.
  2. SimplyVital Health has launched two blockchain products in healthcare sector. One is Connecting Care and another is Health Nexus. ConnectingCare keeps track of patients after they are discharged, while Health Nexus is decentralizing health records of patients.
  3. Medrec: As patients move between providers, their data becomes scattered across different organizations, losing easy access to past records. This MIT project is putting medical records of patients on blockchain, so that patients don’t face significant hurdles in viewing their reports.

Financial Services

  1. ABRA : This crytocurrency wallet makes investing accessible for everyone. The Abra app allows users to exchange any asset with any other in-app asset, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Barclays : It has launched a number of blockchain initiatives. Soon, blockchain will become a fundamental prt of its banking operations. Through this, it aims to eliminate eliminate the hurdles of time in identification and verification (ID&V) and KYC.

Manufacturing and Industrial

  1. JioCoin: Reliance Industries, India’s biggest and most valuable conglomerate, aims to create its own cryptocurrency, JioCoin, through its telecom subsidiary Reliance Jio Infocomm.  JioCoin will be integrated into video streaming JioApps – JioTV, JioCinema. Jio Coin will be used as a token to pay for subscriptions to access premium content on these apps. Reliance Jio has built the blockchain infrastructure to launch JioCoin as soon they get regulatory clearance from the Indian Government.
  2. HijroBuilt on distributed ledger technology, the Hijro Network acts as a global “waterway” for trade, providing partners and network participants with a more connected, more secure, and more efficient way to move value, assets, and data around the world.


  1. Dubai: Dubai has become the world capital of blockchain development. It has already implemented blockchain in sectors such as finance, education, real estate, tourism, commerce, health, transportation, and security. It is in the process of launching Dubai Blockchain Platform and the Dubai Blockchain Policy.



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