14 Ways In Which Blockchain Is Making The Marketing And Advertising Industries Progress

14 Ways In Which Blockchain Is Making The Marketing And Advertising Industries Progress

Product placement is crucial in the advertising world. That is how we get our brand to be noticed by others. Whether it is the jacket of a player or a much notice billboard the place where you put your brand really matters. Companies are collecting customer data and using it to introduce new price points, products, and ad campaigns.

However, there is always a scope of wrong customer data being furnished. Also, you cannot identify how much of the information has already been shared with customers thus making them prone to repeated messaging. To control the same blockchain is coming to the rescue and here are 14 companies that are working on the same.

1. Rebel AI

Rebel A

To combat ad fraud Rebel AI has created a cryptographic verification system that is beneficial for both Advertisers and marketers. Teams of marketers and publishers are given unique identities that help in controlling unverified ad networks from being able to obscure marketing data. All details of the ad’s running and the impact can also be promptly verified.

2. Lucidity

This platform verifies the credential of each marketing event. The smart contracts are used to provide the team’s details about their existing marketing campaigns or how effective it has been. Auto Giant Toyota was able to lift its campaign efficacy by 21% after associating with them.

3. MetaX

The platform is trying its best to bring transparency in the way the advertising supply chain operates. It has anad Chain registry that tells the advertisers which websites are the most trustworthy when it comes to placing their ads. Once any new URL is submitted all the members actually vote and tell about its authenticity.

4. Kiip


This is an in-app mobile advertising platform where blockchain is used to make the advertising supply chain transparent. All parties that have introduced their ad campaigns can actually see the efficacy of their data. The brands can also use smart contracts to buy and even design new campaigns.

5. IBM

IBM has been using the blockchain platform they have to verify the supply chain. Their association with Mediaocean has led to the creation of a ledger that provides better insights to a marketing team. This will ensure that businesses do not spend money on frivolous third parties.

6. Fusion Seven

The Fusion seven is actually a SaaS platform which incorporates blockchain to make the advertising processes streamlined. Company’s ledgers work to automate the workflows so that they can reconcile the digital advertising supply chains.



Created in association with NASDAQ, this platform is like a marketplace to trade advertising contracts. It uses blockchain to help advertisers and publishers a place where they can buy and sell advertising contracts. They have merged the ledger contract with content so that brands, as well as content creators, get to trade with each other without any obstacles.

8. Havas blockchain

This company is working at giving PR and advertising campaigns for the blockchain companies. They develop strategies to promote ICO’s and other crypto launches and use the right channels in order to make it the most effective.

9. Loyyal

The team at Loyyal has developed smart contracts and blockchain tokens to help other businesses make their customer loyalty programs effective. This platform has already been set up in varied industries like travel, credit card, and other employee incentive companies. You can trace the loyalty tokens to personalize the promotional schemes for each customer.

10. Cryptibles


Cryptids is a digital token that can be used to increased customer engagement, collecting, and trading. Marketing teams can now create their own token or currency to help customers engage more often and even incentivize them to make more purchases.

11. The Boomerang Project

This is one blockchain platform that actually rewards the users on the basis of their engagement. It has been designed to help workers like drivers, waiters, etc. and ensure that they receive more tips for their work. People can even rate the workers and accordingly give them the tips that they should get.

12. Brave

First of all Brave’s initiative helps you to keep the unwanted ads away. Apart from that their Basic attention tokens can be used to encourage the brands that customers think deserve it. The adblocker removes any malware pop-ups before it can actually damage the user’s computer.

13. Bitclave


The customers here are rewarded for sharing their important details with the marketing teams. Apart from that, the Bitclave active search ecosystem ensures that customers can control who gets to interact with them and gather their details. In return, the teams award the customers using personalized promotional schemes.

14. Chlu

Chlu is crowdsourced ratings and reviews platform where users can verify they have actually purchased the product through the proof of payment. Obviously then the reviews they submit are genuine and believable. This blockchain platform also gives the customers the right to see reputation scores of brands and decide how they would want to rank it further.


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