9 Blockchain Education Companies Trying To Make A Difference

9 Blockchain Education Companies Trying To Make A Difference

Educational technology is taking giant strides and the difference is quite evident. The blockchain technology is adding to the popularity and making it easy to streamline the processes. Studies have shown that using technology is making it easier for students to grasp the concepts.

The ledger technology benefit of makes the educational processes more accountable, transparent and easy to adapt. Here we talk about blockchain and how 9 education companies are making a difference.

1. Blockcerts


MIT media lab and Learning machine have created Blockcerts which is a platform that works to release certificates. When all the information is entered on a blockchain-enabled platform the credibility of documents can be vouched for and any wrong details are prosecuted. All academic achievements of a student are stored on these certificates and their future employers can have a look at their authenticity.


A London based firm it uses blockchain to verify the credentials of a person. It combines smart contracts, blockchain, and machine learning in order to find out whether the details of students and professors are correct. Users have to create their profile and enter all their academic information in it. The platform then securely verifies the same and keeps it safe with them.

3. Gilgamesh


A knowledge-sharing platform here the users can share their opinion about books and other reference material. They are awarded GIL tokens for participation and these can be used to purchase academic books.


This is like a marketplace for course materials where students get to buy the stuff they need. Educators, students, and professionals can access any kind of study material and smart contracts are used to find which course would be beneficial for students. ODEM ledger then mentions which teacher or student has given or taken that course and awards points to both. These points can be used to pay for the courses.

5. Sony Global Education

Sony has tied up with IBM to create a platform where different institutions can add the academic records of the students. Even when the student moves or shifts the record keeps getting updated thus maintaining transparency. Using this platform Sony issued the certificates to the participants of Global math challenge 2018.

6. Blockchain Education Network

Blockchain Education NetworkThis is a large group of students and alumni who are leveraging blockchain ideas and concepts and executing them. It was started by the students of the University of Michigan and MIT and now has 4000 members with a combined worth of nearly $11 billion.

7. Disciplina

The Disciplina platform utilizes blockchain by maintaining a register of academic achievements and qualifications for different universities. Its algorithm would assign a score to every student basis his credentials and the universities can use this information to suggest learning courses to them.

8. Parchment

Parchment provides digital credential benefits to students, educators, and employers. Educators can upload details of the progress of the students. Institutions, on the other hand, use it to review the merit of a student and give them diplomas basis that. Students also can share this information with prospective employers and get a lucrative job.

9. Bitdegree


The Bitdegree platform combines blockchain and tokens and provides online courses for students to access. These courses are related to blockchain technology and would help them in choosing it as a future career choice. They also offer free classes for the students as well as scholarships if required.


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