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Is 2020 Going To Be The Year When Blockchain Education Becomes Crucial

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Blockchain technology is slowly gaining prominence. Those who have got a hang of how it operates have been able to realize their dreams. You will find this path-breaking technology as a part of leading innovations and experiments thus emphasizing the scope of growth.

However, there is still a considerable population that is totally unaware of the same and for them having basic Blockchain education is becoming important.

As per a study conducted by Linked in Learning Blockchain is the most sought-after skill in recent times. In this year Blockchain has topped the list and is followed by other skills like cloud computing, analytical reasoning, business analytics, etc. This has led to students considering its potential and opting for it as a part of their university curriculum.

In the year 2018 itself the number of students trying blockchain course doubled and at present, there are nearly 70 student-run blockchain organizations providing guidance on the same. Some of these organizations act as consultants to other businesses while others create their own projects. The industry trends also have a heartening score to share. Companies are looking for Blockchain developers and the pay scale is at a huge $130,000.

HSBC Makes Its First Finance Transaction With The Help Of Blockchain
This growing demand means that Universities should actually start devising courses of their own but that has not happened so far. Students look for guides and online courses that would give them a brief idea of how this technology operates. If the needs of the students are to be met countries and colleges have to show a drastic jump in acceptance and planning of such courses.

The public education system always takes some time in incorporating any new change in its platforms. However, in the case of blockchain technology, we do see some Universities who have started their work on the same. Following are some of them:

  • California University- In 2019 started an initiative that supported student blockchain initiatives. Now, Portland state is also offering the students a certificate in Online blockchain business.
  • Cornell University- This university took the lead and started a course known as Cornell blockchain that is supported by its initiative for cryptocurrencies and contracts. In the project, the students learn the application and usage of Blockchain in daily life.
  • Georgetown University- Apart from its annual blockchain summit the university is initiating many other small initiatives in this field. They regularly publish white papers and other stuff on the impact of blockchain in the finance category.
  • NYU- Their Stern school of business aims to provide an MBA program that has blockchain technology as an integral part of the curriculum.

Industries are also taking the first step in welcoming the technology into their stable. Last year 13 companies joined hands to launch the Blockchain education alliance. This project aims at guiding the students at learning and expansion of their blockchain understanding.

Brian Kelly
In the current year, experts expect that the foothold of this technology would reach places and markets which have been untapped as of now. This is after many emerging markets like India, Vietnam and Indonesia have started showing signs of gradually accepting the technology.

In fact, the Indonesian government is applying the blockchain technology to its daily processes as well. They have created a Making Indonesia 4.0 Roadmap that aims to prepare the country for the same. One of the well-established companies Tokoin has introduced plans of making the students aware of this technology. Its Campus meeting events want the students to understand everything about the technology and look forward to accepting it as a part of their future career choice.

As per experts this year would see many government projects that deal with blockchain technology. We are going to see some focused degrees and accredited courses to help the students choose. Hopefully, this year is going to bring the change that the industry demands and hopes for.


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