25 Blockchain Companies Paving The Way For The Future

Blockchain Companies

Blockchain has spread its control all over the world and industries are welcoming it with open arms. Naturally, the transparency it offers makes it suitable for any kind of financial transaction to be completed with ease. Though still picking up, some companies have taken the initiative to make much more accepted and here we present you details of 25 of them.

1. Salt Lending

Salt Lending

Having a fintech background the company allows the users to get loans on the basis of the cryptocurrency they have. You can lock cash loans if you have Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin. The minimum amount of loans starts from $5000 and the company is quite widespread in the USA.

2. Mythical games

Mythical games

The company creates digital games the ownership of which lies in the user’s hands. Their first video games released in 2019 and there has been no looking back since then. More focus is on creating a digital economy that grants clean ownership of the digital items purchased.

3. Gemini


Located in New York the firm deals in trading of cryptocurrencies. Its platform uses blockchain for trading as well as for improving cybersecurity while handling such online currencies.

4. Circle


A circle is based in Massachusetts and it deals in online money transfer and investment platforms for cryptocurrencies. Without the imposition of any extra fees, the users can actually transfer money to their family members.

5. Celsius


Working on the same pattern as Salt the firm here you can use your crypto for loans. The company’s loan to value ratios determine how much collateral a person would have to offer and interests rate are also set keeping that in mind.

6. Opskins


This is an online trading platform that helps gamers to sell virtual accessories and other items. You can purchase skins and other tokens related to popular games with virtual currency.

7. Civil


The company is focussed on giving the journalists a method with which they can set up their own newsrooms. They offer tokens that help in doing so and journalists get a say in the company decisions thanks to them.

8. Bloq


A Chicago based firm they are into developing blockchain ecosystems. Their software management system supports any kind of network and the focus is to develop the business infrastructure.

9. Coinbase


A prominent name Coinbase is a digital portfolio and allows the users to do any kind of trading in crypto. With features like recurring buys and vault protection taking care of your trading is very easy to do.

10. Ripple


Want to transfer money using Blockchain you may come to Ripple. Most renowned brands trust the name to handle their money transfer needs.

11. Tradove


In other words, Tradove is like a social media platform for buyers and sellers. It helps both parties to come together and exchange their goods online.

12. Robinhood


A well-known name Robinhood deals with the trading of stocks, cryptocurrency and ETF’s. Recently they have entered the blockchain arena and now you can invest in Bitcoin and Litecoin as well.

13. Learning Machine

Learning Machine

In collaboration with MIT’s media lab, the firm has created Blockcerts that allow the issuance of blockchain certificates. People can have a virtual identity as they can store all of their valid documents online in a wallet.

14. Trusttoken


It lets you create asset-based tokens that can easily be sold and bought. Their infrastructure allows you to issue own coin for your asset giving you complete control over its ownership.

15. Oasis Labs

Oasis Labs

It is the first blockchain network that handles the privacy concerns for companies. It creates smart contracts and that ensures that the privacy of the firm is never compromised.

16. Chronicled


Paying attention to the logistics of a firm it helps in using blockchain-enabled devices to make the entire process simplified. This helps major industries keep a track of where their consignment has reached.

17. Lemonade


Slightly off the block Lemonade uses AI and blockchain to offer renter and homeowner insurance to applicants. They offer a flat rate for each contract and the blockchain-based contracts mean that security is taken care of.

18. High Fidelity

High Fidelity

The firm from SFO has launched an open-source platform that created virtual environments. These are in turn social and interactive experiences that would host more than 100 players at one time.

19. IBM


IBM is one of the largest firms to have entered the blockchain fray. They have invested nearly $200 million in the same and that helps firms sync hyper ledgers and IBM cloud into their system.

20. Voatz


This is a mobile voting platform and it runs on blockchain technology. The use of the same helps streamline the process of voting as the same can be done from any location and offers transparent results.

21. Blockstack


This is like the internet for all the blockchain-enabled apps. Users join the network and get access to many such apps. These apps have been made by engineers and it allows them to get the information without providing access to anyone else.

22. Steem


Another one in the social media category is like a rewards platform for those blockchain publishers who wish to monetize their content. So far they have given $40 million to such publishers and this number is increasing.

23. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

The firm is trying to incorporate blockchain in its cybersecurity methodology. It has now become one of US first defense companies to use blockchain in its processes.

24. Ford


Ford as well as Renault, BMW and general motors have joined hands to use blockchain for simplifying the automotive industry processes. They have filed a patent looking for a system that would allow drivers to transfer cryptocurrencies from other drivers.

25. Omega Grid

Omega Grid

The Omega grid allows individuals and businesses to manage energy sales. Though found 3 years back the company has started working on changing power into a strong asset for users.


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