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Blockchain Backed Online Voting System Developed By Engineering Students

Blockchain Backed Online Voting System

Recently an event was held where prizes were given to students and team who have made something which would serve as a contribution to the society. And this year really there were same major and interesting winners for the event.

Three women who are also the computer science students from Malla Reddy Engineering college have developed an online voting system for the voters.

Shivani, one of the girl from this team mentioned that the “percentage of vote in rural areas is always higher than in urban areas. This is mostly because of the long lines outside the polling booths”. Hexathon which was organized by the HCCI is a 24 hour hackathon where these students have won the first prize for their “distinctive ideas”.

VeChainThe principle secretary of IT and industries Jayesh Ranjan who was also present at the event said that the team must present this idea to the state election commission.

One of the girl shared post winning, they have been asked to test the application into the gated communities. She added that their technology is very safe since it is based on blockchain. There is no threat of breaking the security.

There were some other winners also at the event. And some of the most important ones won the deserving prizes. City HANS came up with another prize winning solution. Here they have provided actionable hindsight for prevention of some diseases. The data was the publicly available data from various hospitals and health care institutions.

Message App Firm KakaoGeeks 3.0 came up with another innovative device. They designed a smartphone which would focus on farming. The smartphone will come up with and cover crop damage and diseases associated with the same. They will also come up with some of the solutions and diagnostic pattern for such crop diseases.

Middle benchers who belong from Gokaraju Rangaraju institute of Engineering and technology has come up with a water management solution which is the need of the hour. They have come up with a program where they will perform as a channel between the buyer and seller for sewage treated water and the harvested rain water.

Another top winner Hawk’s eye has come up with an unique project. He has set up a programme which will help to identify suspected people in a crowded area based on their past criminal records so that any kind of untoward incident could be eliminated.


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