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15+ Blockchain-As-A-Service Companies Offering The DLT For Businesses

Blockchain-As-A-Service Companies

These days Blockchain -as-a-Service (BaaS) is gaining prominence. BaaS allows businesses to use cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the blockchain infrastructure developed by a vendor.

In BaaS, a third party manages the blockchain networks for a company. It has become quite significant as it resolves issues related to efficiency, transparency, and cost in the easiest way possible.

The industries which have been quick to adopt the system are in the fintech, logistics and the software industries. Here we discuss 19 BaaS companies that are here to revolutionize the way in which this technology operates.

1. Dragon Chain

Dragon Chain

Originally starting with Disney, the company aims at protecting business data that is too crucial to lose. It uses the serverless cloud systems to improve the manner in which the processes are executed. Apart from that privacy of vital information like finances is also paid attention to.

2. Bloq


Security, authentication, and reconciliation of a business are necessary and Blog aims to help with that. It helps the businesses to adopt BaaS technology as per the needs of their work. They offer a smart wallet, smart contract platform, and a decentralized cloud.

3. Factom


They have too tools that are dedicated to keeping the documents safe. One of them Factom Harmony is a ledger that would convert your documents into a digitalized platform thus making it easy for audits to happen. On the other hand, ‘dLoc’ uses encryption to verify the authenticity of land deeds.

4. Symbiont


The company lends the BaaS service to other fintech companies. When loans and mortgages are to be offered the company uses blockchain technology to verify that all the documents given are trustable. When the time comes the documents would be released to validate the claims made.

5. Blockstream


Their BaaS creates solutions that simplify bitcoins protocols. Their bitcoin processing software eliminates the requirement of any middlemen to enter your system.

6. Paystand


By adopting blockchain the company provides transparency to the payment methodologies. They have installed networks that would notarize important documents. There is an admin platform where you may get a real-time look into your personal data.

7. TZero


The company is working in tandem with the finance industry and recovering the path of movement of currency. Its digital locate receipt keeps an eye on the spending of the currency and the manner in which it is done.

8. Skuchain


The Skuchain platform is working in the shipping and logistics industry and its blockchain implementation is aimed at making the IT processes streamlined for them. Their ledger allows the businesses to get access to a cloud set up, in house applications and blockchain protocols at the same time.

9. Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS

A BaaS leader in many industries Amazon synchronizes blockchain-based networks and the business processes for many big names.

The focus remains to use the same and improve infrastructure, human resources, supply chain, and financial transactions.

10. LeewayHertz


The team at LeewayHertz offers a variety of BaaS services for companies. These include blockchain consulting, ledger installation and its maintenance as well.

They have by now handled these tasks for brands like Disney, 3M, and many others.

11. VironIT


The range of services offered by the company is vast. Primarily they deal with consulting and blockchain-based app development. They are into developing smart contracts and auditing of digital wallets and cryptocurrency dealings.

12. Altoros


Their tryst with blockchain is to simplify the workplace processes, manage records and maintain identity security. So far they have installed these blockchain processes in a variety of industries like telecommunications, energy, supply chain, and finance.

13. Appinventiv


The company builds apps in blockchain and other tools and solutions as well. Ever since inception 4 years back, they have created nearly 700 apps that tackle issues like smart contracts to the development of crypto wallets.

14. BlockApps


BlockApps has been developing permission-based BaaS ideas for companies. Their blockchain platform runs in a matter of minutes and it needs a single node to be able to do so.

They have used the same to create solutions for requirements like frauds in ticketing to offering smart insurance contracts.

15. Fluence


This is more like an API for businesses to implement smart contracts and manage them in their environments. Using it companies can create their own dApps and use public net nodes among other features.

16. Cryptowerk


So far they have been creating ledger-based solutions for companies that would keep crucial data safe and create a chain of custody that no one may tamper with.

Their Cryptowerk seal is an API that would use the ledgers to prove the authenticity of the digital assets and data available.

17. Clovyr


This is like an ecosystem of different blockchain ecosystems that would allow the team to complete the implementation of the solutions safely.

With a variety of networks at their disposal, the company offers the users high-level security that would keep its processes secure.

18. Kaleido


The company is more into designing and running cloud-based blockchain networks. Clients dealing with Kaleido can actually multiple clouds with the help of blockchain networks and that is irrespective of the geographical area they are operating in.

19. Innominds


The BaaS products they create are aimed at allowing the businesses to test blockchain products for their requirement.

They also work on smart contracts, developing crypto solutions and protocols for easy payment across networks.


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