A Simple Guide To Understanding What Is Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading guide

Each day brings new opportunities. Bitcoin is becoming very popular and more mainstream. As they move further towards digitization, financial systems around the globe have adopted bitcoin.

Bitcoin trading is more popular than ever. There are many terms and phrases that relate to this type of trading. There are many strategies involved in Bitcoin trading.

This guide will help you understand Bitcoin Trading and the various strategies used in this trading.

Step By Step Guide To Bitcoin Trading

How Bitcoin Trading Is Different From Investing

  • Persons who trade in Bitcoin don’t keep their cryptocurrency for long periods, unlike investors.
  • Sometimes, investors buy bitcoin with no intention of selling it.
  • These investors are known as HODL (hold on to your life). They don’t consider bitcoin a digital currency.  They are motivated by long-term profit or loss. They tend to overlook Bitcoin’s volatility.
  • Bitcoin traders use bitcoin as their electronic money. They don’t usually store bitcoin and can trade it with other currencies.

How To Become A Bitcoin Trader

As any other trader, bitcoin traders also buy bitcoin at low prices and then sell it at high prices. To understand the mechanics of bitcoin trading and to monitor its price movements, you will need to improve your analytical skills.

Experts are not supposed to be able to predict the future. Sometimes their predictions can be wrong. However, certain indicators are always present and a good understanding of them will allow you to predict the future price of bitcoin.

You can choose from two types of market analysis: technical or fundamental.

An analyst who studies bitcoin’s price and volume is called a technical analyst. This information can be used to predict the emergence and development of trends.

Fundamental analysts take volume and price into consideration.

To determine the bitcoin price, fundamental analysis uses comprehensive data.

To determine the intrinsic value, you can consider feedback from community developers as well as possible legislation.

Fundamental analysts also consider other factors, such as recent news, price, volume, and so on.

What Are The Bitcoin Trading Techniques?

There are many ways to trade bitcoins. Small traders should be able to identify the best one for them.
Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin trading techniques.

Day Trading

Day traders are short-term bitcoin forecasters. They are the most active trader in bitcoin market. This trading is risky. To minimize loss, a day trader is smart and uses both fundamental and traditional analysis.

They usually close all trades at night.


They work full-time as traders. They can monitor any price fluctuation. They can make up to 100 trades per day. Scalping can be a great way to stack Satoshis slowly, if done properly.

Swing Trading

Only traders who can take a patient approach to price movements are allowed to operate in this market. They are more interested long-term patterns. They are able to predict the low point of long-term movements and can therefore identify when it is. They will sell when the price is high.


Volume: Total Bitcoins traded in a time period. Volume shifts are a good indicator. It is used to determine if a particular trade is significant. Markets are undergoing major changes when there is a sharp change in volume. An increase in trading volume doesn’t always indicate that prices will rise.

Market Order: This instant order can be fulfilled at any price. An order cannot be matched by one seller or buyer. Multiple sellers and buyers can match your order at different prices.

You simply need to set the number of Bitcoins that you want to purchase or sell. The advanced algorithms of trading platforms do the rest.

Limit order: A limit or market order is less specific than a limit order. This allows you to only buy or sell at a certain price. This strategy is not flexible enough to allow you to fulfill your potential.

Stop loss orders: These orders, as the name implies, help to minimize or stop all losses. You can choose a price. You can sell your assets at this price.

Bitcoin Trading Platforms/Exchanges

Broker: Bitcoin brokers want a more personal trading platform. Privacy is very important here. Bitcoin brokers sell it directly to you in a secure and private environment. There is no free lunch. You will need to pay more for privacy.

Order Book This book contains complete lists of both buy and sell orders. This book allows you to monitor market activity more effectively.

Whale: Someone who holds a lot of Bitcoins is called a Bitcoin whale.

Bitcoin Exchanges To Use

  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Bitfinex

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