This Is The Best Ethereum Wallets For Storing The Cryptocurrency In 2022

ethereum wallets for storing the cryptocurrency

One of the major challenges within the cryptocurrency exchange community, specifically with centralised exchanges, is that there is an recurring possibility of an exchange being compromised.

Sometimes it is the case that the folks who run the exchanges will steal your funds, just like the notorious Mt.Gox and Quadriga sagas.

Centralised exchanges force you to give the custody of your assets to the exchange. As such, you do not have any control over their safety in case of hacking or fraud.

Decentralised exchanges, which allow you to keep control of your assets have gained popularity and are becoming more popular within the realm of cryptocurrency trading.

What are the best decentralised exchanges, and are they the right choice for you? We’ll tell you everything you must be aware of DeFi and help you choose the best crypto exchange that is decentralised.

What Is An Exchange That Is Decentralised?

Simply stated, a decentralised exchange (or DEX) is an exchange that is not governed by any central authority.

This means that there isn’t a one company or entity that holds the assets of users. The user has control over their personal keys and never transfer the control of their assets to another person. This means that there isn’t any single point that could fail, and the result is that trading decentralised is a safer and private.

Decentralised exchanges that are the best require no personal details and usually do not require registration at all.

DEX’s are an essential component of the concept of decentralised financing (or the DeFi) with a long-term goal of creating a system for finance with no central governing body.

Top Decentralised Exchanges


Uniswap is an uncentralized exchange that operates using the Ethereum blockchain. It allows immediate swaps for any asset ERC-20 with one-click trades. It is completely secure, unrestricted and runs on the back of the underlying liquidity pools.

They allow anyone to make a market by providing two tokens of the underlying. In exchange, they get the 0.3 percent fee for trading each time that the trade pair utilized.

Uniswap has no own token which means users receive their fee in the form of assets they have donated in exchange for their participation.


1inch actually utilizes a large variety of decentralized exchanges and combines the exchanges for its clients, which means that you’ll always get the highest price for your exchange.

Additionally, 1inch does not charge additional charges and is offered on a variety of blockchain networks. Users who purchase 1inch’s CHI gas token through 1inch also benefit from a substantial savings on their transactions.

Kyber Swap

Similar to Uniswap, Kyber Swap operates using liquidity pools supplied by users in exchange for the 0.3 percent share of the trading fee each time the pair is used. Kyber is its own cryptocurrency known as Kyber Network Crystals (KNC) which serve as a means of governance as well as to claim trading fees that are earned.

Kyber is among the most extensive liquidity pools among all the leading decentralised exchanges, and a lot of Decentralised Finance applications make use of Kyber as the basis of their protocol.


Waves Decentralized Exchange Waves Decentralized Exchange is based through the Waves blockchain. They own their own currency called WAVES. You can trade any supported asset with any other asset supported like Bitcoin to Waves.

This makes exchanges faster through a central matching service that lets you enjoy the best of both central and decentralized worlds. This is a great combination for decreasing the amount of slippage.


dYdX is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade long or short Ethereum with as much as 5x leverage, in a completely permissionless manner. dYdX also allows cross-margin loans and borrowing. This allows users to make passive earnings with the supported assets that are within the exchange.

The capital that is provided on dYdX generates interest even when it’s used to fund an actively traded position. They also provide spots markets to facilitate the seamless exchange to supported asset types.

Pancake Swap

PancakeSwap an extremely popular decentralized exchange built upon the Binance Smart Chain. Due to its Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap provides very competitive fees when in comparison against other DEXs and rapid transactions. The CAKE token is also extremely profitable to be staked and provide customers a variety of advantages with PancakeSwap.


The 0x protocol is an uncentralized exchange that is based on the Ethereum blockchain, where orders are transferred and verified off-chain which dramatically reduces gas costs and reducing the congestion on the primary Ethereum chain.

Transactions are only processed on the Ethereum network after a trade is completed, which allows users to cut down on the costs of gas that come with transactions.

Relayers assist in broadcasting orders and earn ZRX as a fee each time they facilitate trades. Relayers are built by anyone, and form the foundation of the protocol’s performance.


Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum. It is designed specifically to allow effective trading between currencies with the same value. It also offer high annual interest rates on funds from cryptocurrency deposited in Curve Finance by liquidity providers.

Curve Finance owns its own governance token called CRV which provides liquidity to their pool of assets. Curve is a little more risky exchange that is decentralized which has already been scrutinized multiple times before.


IDEX is an uncentralized exchange that operates using Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain. IDEX was the very first Ethereum smart contract based decentralized exchange that supports real-time trading.

They claim it’s the most sophisticated Ethereum DEX. It allows market and limit orders, gas-free cancels and the capability to fulfill multiple trades simultaneously.

The exchange comprises smart contracts and a trading engine and an “transaction processor arbiter”. Smart contracts are accountable for the storage of all assets as well as performing trade settlement. The user must verify every trade using your private keys.


Airswap is based through the Ethereum blockchain and possess their own cryptocurrency known as Airswap Token (AST). AirSwap has created its Swap Protocol to enable transaction free trading. Its Swap Protocol uses smart contracts built on Ethereum’s Ethereum blockchain in order to process transactions. All other transactions are done off-chain. This is similar to the 0x. AST serves primarily as an opportunity for market makers to establish markets on AirSwap as with Uniswap which provides liquidity to the exchange. It is a decentralised exchange aggregater and connects its liquidity sources from numerous other top exchanges decentralised like Uniswap, 0x, Kyber and Curve. It scans all of these decentralised exchanges to provide you with the best rate for your trade. It’s free to use and is a useful instrument for those who wish to get the best price without visiting every exchange that is decentralised.

How Do Decentralised Exchanges Work?

Decentralised exchanges are generally open source projects that are built upon the Ethereum block chain, and using the use of smart contracts perform the user’s desire for the trading of virtual assets.

To increase the amount of trading pairs, they want to be cross-chain compatible , meaning traders can exchange any assets you want and since there is no central authority that can facilitate transactions, the costs for trading are considerably less, if any.

In general it is a easy process to conduct trades. You choose the asset you’d like to trade and the one you’d like to trade it for, follow the steps that typically require you to send all your possessions to smart-contract and selecting the destination wallet address and it handles the remaining. The assets you trade will be placed at the address you have chosen.

What To Look For In An Exchange That Is Decentralised

The primary things you’re likely to be looking for when you are using a decentralised exchange include the ease of use as well as liquidity and volume of trade as well as anonymity and trading pairs.

The volume and liquidity of your trade will impact the amount you get commonly known as slippage. in the event that the cost of the asset is affected because the transaction is taking longer to complete or you’ve made an order of a significant size and you’re expecting to receive less or more of the asset you want.

The best decentralised exchanges have minimum fees, and a variety different trading options, as well as are easy switch-by-click that occur almost instantly to ensure that trades are consistent.


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