Best Cryptocurrency Podcasts For 2020

Cryptocurrency Podcasts

Knowing about cryptocurrency is an enormous problem if you’re only starting to learn about the world of. The question of understanding what “crypto” in the term cryptocurrency refers to or why there exist many cryptocurrencies is totally legitimate.

Your curiosity is the best companion in this exciting and new field which is why we here at CryptoVantage are here to provide the top podcasts that will help you on the journey.

Top Bitcoin And Crypto Podcasts

The Pomp Podcast

You’ll receive: Perspectives of industry experts in crypto and technology.

Anthony Pompliano is an American businessman and hosts the podcast the podcast The Pomp. His background as an entrepreneur in large tech companies (Snapchat as well as Facebook) and prior work at Venture Capital firms makes his conversations and opinions about cryptocurrency pertinent to the present.

Pomp is a fervent fan of Bitcoin and can defend his beliefs with solid evidence and evidence. This is certainly one of the top bitcoin podcasts.

One important thing to remember is that his previous episodes focus more on crypto, whereas his more recent episodes range between tech and crypto.

Here are three of our top episodes from Pomp:

  1. Caitlin Long”Coronvirus The Pin that popped the credit bubble
  2. Cathie Wood Cathie Wood Bitcoin should be a part of every Portfolio
  3. Aleks Svetski. Why Bitcoin Price is Not Right


You will be able to see: The impact and acceptance for cryptocurrency in the form of currency.

The host is Laura Shin, this podcast examines how cryptocurrency affects the methods we use to make, invest and spend our money. Laura’s experience in the cryptocurrency industry since its beginning has made her content highly trustworthy.

Additionally, her journalism background, her approach to conducting interviews and giving out information about Unchained is very easy to understand.

Laura Shin was a senior editor at Forbes and was the first journalist from the main stream to cover crypto full-time. Her coverage is Unchained is diverse, from interviewing one of the founding members of a cryptocurrency company to the effects of crypto across the world.

Here are three of our most-loved episodes from UnChained:

  1. Christian Catalini – A Libra Co-Creator on how Facebook Can Earn Profits From Calibra
  2. Barry Silbert on What Wall Street Says Privately About Crypto Vs. What It Says In Public
  3. Blockchain 101 with Andreas Antonopoulos: How Bitcoin makes us all as powerful as a Bank


You’ll get: A weekly analysis of the most popular headlines about cryptocurrency.

The show is also hosted and hosted by Laura Shin, this podcast gives an analysis and reaction to the most important news stories within the crypto world.

An excellent way to stay up to date with the latest news and events every week, with an added benefit due to interviews with guests who share their opinions on what’s coming up.

The podcast you listen to once a each week keeps you up to date on the most recent news stories on crypto and this is the reason we believe this is one of the top crypto-related podcasts on the market.

We’ve got three of our most-loved episodes from Unconfirmed:

  1. The reason Bitcoin dominance has remained 70 percent
  2. Coronavirus How it will impact Bitcoin as well as the Halving
  3. How to use HTML0? Quadriga Really Was Three theories about Gerald Cotten

Bitcoin Rapid Fire

You will receive: Answers to all your Bitcoin concerns

If you’re looking for the best bitcoin-related podcast then this one is for you. The name says it all host John Vallis, conducts his interviews using a question and answer format. The listener gets an extremely clear idea of what’s being discussed as the context is precise.

A few podcasts of Bitcoin Rapid Fire’s episodes also include the more traditional interviews which are fun listening to. In the end, John Vallis is a excellent host of a podcast and you’ll be able to learn lots about Bitcoin through his show.

Three of our top episodes from Bitcoin Rapid Fire:

  1. Rapid-Fire: Didi Taihuttu
  2. Rapid-Fire Jeff Booth
  3. Maxime Bernier: The Politics of Freedom and Sound Money


You’ll get: Short and to-the-point cryptocurrency-related discussions for investors

Another enjoyable show, Flippening sports an inventive method to disperse information about cryptocurrency. Host, Clay Collins, conducts long-form interviews, and then chops them up into seven minutes of clips that are concise and straight to the point.

The information in these videos could be difficult to comprehend, but because they’re so brief, listening to them over and over again will increase your knowledge of crypto. These clips are also linked back to longer interviews for deeper insights into the world of crypto.

We’ve got three of our most-loved videos from The Flippening:

  1. Daily Video: Bitcoin Is Cheap Trust with Ateet Ahluwalia from CoVenture Crypto
  2. Daily Video: Investing for the Short-Term with Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital
  3. Crypto Exchange Volume Spamming with Rob Paone of the Crypto Bobby Podcast

Special Remarks


A16Z is not only dedicated to cryptocurrency-related podcasts, however there is one podcast that is worthy of an extra note. It draws a parallel between the difficulty of driving Internet adoption early on and cryptocurrency today.

If you’ve been around the advent of the internet, this is an excellent listen. If you’re not sure how it feels to live in a world without internet, this album will shock you!

You can listen to it here: From the Internet’s past to the future of Crypto

Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan does not need an explanation. His following for his podcast is on the rise and with good reason! Joe has invited Andreas Antonopoulos, a renowned bitcoin maximalist several times. Andreas is widely known within the crypto community as an expert and bitcoin evangelist.

He has written two books about Bitcoin as well as this one. The interview recorded two days after the release of his new book – the Internet of Money.

You can listen to it on this page: Joe Rogan Experience #844 – Andreas Antonopoulos


We hope this list helps you to find the most popular podcasts for learning more about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. While podcasts are a fantastic method of consuming information in a passive manner and if you’re seeking a great read , you should take a look at The Brief History of Cryptocurrency.


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