Best Crypto Tools 2022 : The Ultimate Checklist

Crypto Tools

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not just meant to challenge the central systems we utilize on a regular basis however, they also aim to simplify our lives through the use of technology that leads to savings in time and money, and more money, fiat and crypto, that we can put in our pockets.

There are a lot of excellent crypto exchanges that are suitable to purchase digital currency There are trusted wallets in which you can save your crypto but what about all the other stuff in between?

There are applications that can improve the overall experience of crypto more enjoyable for every person.
The end of the day , getting Bitcoin back after you buy coffee is a great idea, doesn’t it?

What Are Crypto Tools?

The tools you use to manage your crypto will help you get the most from your cryptocurrency , either by making your experience more enjoyable or providing you with the capability to earn more cryptocurrency through a variety of ways.

There are tools for crypto which can perform the tasks you mentioned earlier and, perhaps, most importantly they aren’t expensive a penny neither. This page will discover CryptoVantage’s top crypto tools to begin with today!

Crypto tools are offered in many categories and each with each having its own function and potential benefits. If you want to make more money back from your expenses, invest your crypto on a trip or to transfer money to a loved one, pay for goods, earn coins for browsing the internet, or increase your portfolio of crypto assets There is a crypto-related tool to assist you.

Our editors and writers are using crypto on a daily basis, so we’ve curated a range of tools and apps to ensure that you do not have to waste your time with poor quality tools. Let’s look at CryptoVantage’s Top Crypto Tools.

1. Our Favorite Crypto Tool For Shopping: Lolli

Lolli is an Bitcoin rewards site as well as a extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox which lets users make Bitcoin when they purchase from their merchant partners, just like Rakuten does, but instead of earning cash it gives you crypto.

If you’re on a website that is supported by Lolli the extension, it will alert you, and you are able to click to earn cash back from the site.

Lolli has established collaborations with leading merchants like eBay, Nike, Sam’s Club, Microsoft and Groupon. Lolli earns a share of every transaction when you shop at their websites.

Then they give you a portion of this in Bitcoin Cash Back. The percentage of cash back varies from one merchant to the next, however it can be up to 30 percent! If you’re trying to earn cash back from crypto, Lolli may be the cryptocurrency tool you need.


  • A browser-based online shopping tool that grants customers with free Bitcoin
  • Earn bitcoins on clothing electronic devices software, travel and much more
  • Partnerships with large companies such as Adidas, Everlane, Harrys and
  • Get between 27% and 27% cash back in Bitcoin for online purchases

2. An Alternative Crypto Tool For Shopping: Fold

Fold is a store app designed for iOS and Android which rewards you for your daily spending with Bitcoin. It allows you to sync the credit or debit card of your Bitcoin wallet and purchase Gift cards that are prepaid through Fold for up to 20 percent cashback in Bitcoin immediately.

The company now offers the Fold Card as which is a Bitcoin reward Visa debit card. There’s a premium option that costs $150 USD per year as well as an intro plan that’s completely free.

The premium card is a great option with more rewards as well as a reduction in timers for spins. It is possible to spin on the Fold every day to earn no cost Satoshis. There’s also a weekly prize wheel.

Fold is a combination of Bitcoin, Lightning Network as well as prepaid cards and other privacy features to guarantee your personal data, payment details, and transaction information is protected.

It is a payment gateway with no transaction costs and rewards programs that do not suffer from security breaches. If you’re in search of an Bitcoin rewards program that’s not restricted to specific merchants such as Lolli the Fold program could be a good option.

Fold App

  • A rewards app based on Bitcoin that makes use of Visa cards to encourage users to use the app.
  • Earn Satoshi’s free by playing the Fold wheel.
  • Gamified interface that offers users the possibility of winning 1 Bitcoin or cash back 100% on purchases
  • Special Fold-branded Visa cards that come with many benefits
  • Gift cards that offer significant cash back in Bitcoin

3. Our Favorite Crypto Tool For Traveling: Travala

Established in 2017, has become the top blockchain-based travel booking system that is which is trusted by thousands of travelers across the globe as their top online travel agent.

The platform has a current inventory of 2200,000plus properties that cover 90,124 locations in 230 nations and territories, with rates up 40 percent lower than traditional travel booking platforms.

They’ve developed a friction-free travel booking experience that is based on the latest blockchain technology and tokenized rewards. They offer a variety of traditional and cryptocurrency payment options in addition to benefits associated with their own cryptocurrency, AVA.

If you’re seeking to spend your cryptocurrency on a trip or earn crypto rewards for making a reservation, Travala may be a helpful option for you.


  • travel website that makes use of cryptocurrency
  • Propriety AVA token that offers users benefits on the website
  • Make use of a variety crypto currencies in order to pay for your travel
  • A wide range of hotels available to reserve

4. Our Alternate Crypto Tool For Traveling: Locktrip is a crypto-based travel market that allows its customers to save as much as 60% off their reservations by removing middlemen and commissions.

Similar to with Travala it’s possible to select from a range of payment options, including credit card, cryptocurrency, and their own LOC token that can be used to avoid charges for payment.

LockTrip is in partnership with the most reputable names in the world of travel to provide its customers with an unbeatable selection of products across the world.

The LockTrip business model channels all of the economy’s activities through LOC, the LOC token. Every transaction that is made through the market results in 3 percent of the booked worth being used to purchase LOC from exchanges and then burn the tokens.

This process is completely automated and is able to be verified in a transparent manner through the blockchain. Locktrip is certainly worth looking into when you plan any kind of travel.

5. Our Favorite Crypto Tool For Payroll: Bitwage

Bitwage is a cryptocurrency-based payroll and human resource service which is accessible to both companies and individuals. For individuals, particularly those working from home and freelance You can open an account with Bitwage and receive your money faster than traditional banks and with lesser costs. Additionally, a part or all of it could be converted into crypto instead and you’ll receive payments in crypto.

For companies, particularly those that are international with employees spread across different locations, Bitwage can be a option to not just cut costs by cutting fees on transactions and currency conversions and also to get funds to employees more quickly. Bitwage provides Bitcoin 401ks that employers can give to their employees.

If you’re an individual or a company, Bitwage may have a payroll system that not just reduces your expenses but also gets it to your employees or you quicker.


  • A service that lets companies hire employees to pay with cryptocurrency
  • Advanced Payroll services
  • The possibility of lower international transaction fees for both employers and employees.
  • Bitwage processes transactions much faster than traditional options for financing

6. Our Favorite Crypto Tool For Instant Transactions: Strike By Zap

Strike is a blockchain-based payment app developed by Zap Solutions, Inc. It allows users to send and receive cash instantly across the globe, and for no cost. It’s available for iOS, Android, and as an Chrome extensions for browsers.

It is currently only available to US citizens as well as those who use the US dollar, however worldwide networks are currently in the waitlist phase and once it is released, it will allow free transactions across the globe.

Strike utilizes Bitcoin along with blockchain tech to make quick and easy payments worldwide. Users can use Strike to pay one another to buy products and services on the internet pay for micropayments, tip creators of content and also trade and buy Bitcoin.


  • It could be a game-changing solution that lets users use and send Bitcoin without cost
  • Bitcoin Layer 2 Protocol with fast, free transactions that are almost instantaneous
  • Ideal for micro transactions since there aren’t any fees
  • A simple on-boarding process that won’t require more than a few minutes

7. Our Alternative Tool For Instant Transactions: NowPayments

NowPayments was established in the year 2019 by the same team that created ChangeNOW, an exchange service for cryptocurrency. Their goal is to offer an online payment service that is simple to use and integrated in existing sites.

They believe that everyone should be able to use crypto as a method of payment for fundraising, donations and online shopping. They offer a simple system that is simple to integrate The only thing required to begin accepting crypto-based payments is to copy and paste a portion in HTML code.

Now Payments lets anyone accept cryptocurrency payment on their websites as well as online stores and social media accounts. It is a service that is not custodial which means it does not keep or store your money to any extent. They can support more than 50 cryptocurrency and offer very low transaction charges.

They have flexible solutions including accepting payment in many different currencies or changing the digital assets you acquire to your preferred cryptocurrency! Automatic transfer is made possible by their cryptocurrency exchange service.

Now Payments

  • NowPayments is a non-custodial payment method for online sellers
  • More than 50 different cryptocurrency are available to use with NOWPayments
  • It is extremely easy to switch between various crypto assets
  • It is a simple method to accept online cryptocurrency payments

8. Our Favorite Tool For Domain Registration: Unstopabble Domains

Unstoppable Domains is an amazing crypto tool that offers users an exclusive, easy-to-enter account for sending cryptocurrency (which makes transactions much simpler) as well as providing an unrivalled, censorship-resistant web address with an extension such as “.crypto” or “blockchain”. The most striking thing about Unstoppable domains is the cost. Domain registration begins at $20. Unlike traditional domain registrars, you won’t have to deal with renewals. Each Unstoppable Domains domain is a forever purchase.

Unstoppable Domains

  • Unstoppable Domains is a completely new product that simplifies the process of crypto transactions
  • A one-time purchase also grants you access to domain names for your website
  • Replaces difficult key public certificates with an easy-to-remember name for transactions
  • Very competitive pricing that begins at only 20 dollars with no renewal costs

Our Favorite Crypto Tool For Extra Security: Yubikey

Yubikey from Yubico is an intriguing product for those who use crypto.

It’s not a full-fledged cryptocurrency hardware wallet, like Ledger or Trezor however, it operates similarly to various products in the crypto market.

You can make use of Yubikey to get an additional layer of security when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, email accounts password managers, email accounts, and many more.

Yubikey is basically a replacement of two-factor authentication such as Google Authenticator and it’s even more secure due to its hardware, offline factor.


  • Additional security for accounts that are based on crypto, such as exchanges
  • Yubikey adds an additional layer of protection for emails banks, email and more
  • There are a variety of Yubikey shape factors to meet your specific needs
  • It is relatively inexpensive and simple to make use of

9. Our Favorite Tool To Index All Crypto Exchanges: SwissBorg

SwissBorg offers an investment and trading platform, making it simple to secure and easy for you to secure your future with cryptocurrency assets, which include the most popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and their own SwissBorg Token (CHSB), along with stable coins such as USD Coin (USDC) along with PAX Gold (PAXG). Connecting with binance, HitBTC, LMAX and Kraken exchanges, you will enjoy the most rates and liquidity. It’s available for iOS along with Android.

SwissBorg lets you earn a daily dividend on deposits in stable coins and crypto, with the rate being doubled when you are in the Premium category . This will require you to purchase and hold up to 50,000 Swiss Borg Token (CHSB) over a period of 12 months. At the present price, it’s a 50k USD investment. You can sign up for an unpaid account that offers access to their reasonable base rewards, and a middle-level which is scheduled to become accessible that will require the purchase of a 2000 CHSB stake. It will offer 1.5x the amount.

Our Favorite Crypto-based Browser Brave Browser

Brave Browser Brave Browser is a browser similar to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The only difference is that Brave Browser comes with blocking of ads and tracking blockers which makes it a more secure browser. The company that makes the Brave Browser also makes the cryptocurrency BAT, or the “Basic Attention Token”.

The primary feature of the Brave Browser is its built-in advertising platform, which allows users to sign up to ads and earn crypto in exchange for their focus on the ads. The way it works is you receive a notification of an advertisement, and if you click on it, you will receive a small portion of BAT. Then, at the end of every month, it’s added to your account.

You can also make the amount of your contributions to websites you want to use as members of the Brave Rewards Program. For instance, I donate 1 BAT each month to Coin Market Cap due to how frequently I go to and use the website. If you’re trying to make money browsing the internet as you are now, the Brave Browser is a no-brainer cryptocurrency tool that you can immediately use.

How Crypto Tools Might Be Able To Help You Save Money

There are numerous ways that crypto tools can help you save money, and also earn cash at the same time. Tools such as Strike and Bitwage provide lower costs for transactions than traditional systems. This can save the company money and it also means that you get more cash at the end of the day.

In contrast, programs like Lolli and Fold give you money back when you use the money, with a percentage which is greater than conventional systems too and with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency it could mean more money in the future.

Are Crypto Tools Safe?

These tools are generally secure due to the fact that they employ blockchain technology. This means that transactions are just as secure even more so than those made using conventional technology. Tools such as Brave are created with your security at the forefront.

The only caution has to do with the fact the user have to make sure you are using the correct crypto tool. There are many fake crypto tools available to download that attempt to take your cryptocurrency. Check out reviews and verify the URL!

Do Crypto Tools Generally Cost Money?

Certain crypto tools are expensive There is also a premium version which offers users more benefits over the free version such as with Fold and SwissBorg. Fold as well as SwissBorg. However, in general the crypto tools are completely free to use, and some will reward you for using them , like Brave or Lolli.

CryptoVantage Staff is dedicated to facilitating cryptocurrency for ordinary people. Find out more details about as well as our staff members on our About Us page.


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