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BCH Payment Processor Bitek Allows Colombian Merchants To Convert To Pesos

Payment Processor Bitek

Javier Barrera and Andres Rivera have recently developed a payment method known as These Bitcoin cash users feel that the Bitcoin cash network would help the cryptocurrency market to evolve.

Their company offers merchants invoice processing and accounting services as well. Not only that the Bitek Platform also provides the merchants with an opportunity to accept Bitcoin cash and convert either fully or partly into Columbian pesos. us a new payment processor for the Bitcoin cash network and it helps the merchants from Columbia to quickly convert this currency into pesos as per their need. This model is quite similar in operations to the Bit pay service.

In return, the Bitek also provides the merchants processing, invoice, and accounting services to all its customers. On their website, they also offer a community section where the merchants can inform that they do accept Bitcoin cash. To use the Bitek facility the merchants just need to register on the website and fill all the important information that is required to get their money converted into pesos.

Bitek’s founder Javier Barrera recently attended the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo and informed how his team is successfully integrating the Bitcoin cash into Colombia’s market.

A week before both Javier Barrera and Andres Rivera gave an interview to a Latin American publication by the name Diariobitcoin. Both the founders seemed extremely convinced about why Bitcoin cash network is better than Bitcoin.

As per both of them, it is the asset that best fits the definition and the philosophical line proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto. They also revealed that Bitek is soon going to educate Columbian residents with the help of meetups and educational programs.

BCH Meetups and Bitek’s Plan to Launch a Marketplace

As per Barrera Bitek is promising three-fold benefits to all those merchants who are looking for a bitcoin cash network and who want all their money to be converted into Columbian pesos. The service also proves beneficial to merchants who want a payment Getaway wit features like accounting, liquidity, and protection from the fluctuations observed in the cryptocurrency market every day.

The exchange rate given would be calculated on the basis of estimates provided by the local exchanges and some widely used trading platforms like Bittrex. Similar to other cryptocurrency payment processors the merchants can either convert full or a part of their funds into pesos.

In future Bitek plans to introduce a marketplace which smoothens the trade between buyers and sellers and helps in making payments in Bitcoin cash. Bitek is also in talks with other BCH based firms like Cent bee and Nchain. The aim is to collaborate further in multiple ways.

Their startup is also organizing weekly Bitcoin cash network meetups and that too at famous locations like the Revellion – Cultu Bar. The bitcoin cash supporters are quite happy with another company now venturing into providing Bitcoin cash network facilities. For them it is a multiple benefit as they get rewarded in ways more than one. The future for Bitek, therefore, seems bright and promising indeed.


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