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Bat coin

Most internet users dislike online advertisements and try to avoid them by all means. However, this can be improved by developing rewarding strategies for users who view the advertisements. Monetary incentive is one of the best ways to encourage users to engage in advertisements. Basic Attention Token (BAT) or bat coin intends to create a virtuous cycle in digital advertising to help both the creators and consumers.

This guide will provide you with more information on Basic Attention Token to understand it better.

What Is A Basic Attention (BAT) Token?

Basic Attention BAT Token is a cryptocurrency used on Brave Browser to provide fair, private, and mutually beneficial browsing for advertisers, publishers, and users. The co-founder of Firefox and Mozilla developed this blockchain-based model to fix broken digital advertising.

This project is still undergoing progressive changes and developments, but the beta version is available for download. Take this chance and enjoy fast, save and fast browsing as Brave actively blocks trackers, ads, and malvertisements.

Understanding The Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) running on Ethereum is the native utility token for Brave web browser. Brave web browser gives users a more equitable internet browsing experience that is safer, faster, and private.

BAT can be exchanged between internet users, publishers, and advertisers to help streamline commerce.

The first stakeholders are the users who always go online every day for various reasons. These include watching a video, buying products, listening to a podcast, communicating with family, and reading articles. The online users are the leading group targeted with the advertisements. But, this group always tries to avoid the ads as they see them as wastage of time. Users also find some ads intrusive.

Publishers are the content creators. The Brave browser concerns itself with websites that deliver content. The publishers sell their space on websites for advertisers/brands to display advertisements.

Advertisers or brands buy space on this platform, hoping that online users will consume their content and ideally move further towards purchase. Since most online users don’t like advertisements, advertisers have reported significant declines on generated revenue from ads.

To help publishers, users, and advertisers, BAT makes sure users receive fewer adverts that are better tailored to them. Publishers will be able to earn from new sources, and advertisers will now generate more revenue as more users will be willing to view adverts they enjoy.

Brave And Privacy-Centered Browsing

When using digital marketing strategies, publishers track the users’ content on their website and give it to advertisers. Publishers also give out your computer’s IP address for advertisers to serve you with more targeted adverts across all websites you browse. Your personal information is also at risk if you have ever shared it with a publisher to subscribe or buy content.

All these things combined ultimately cost you privacy, time, and safety. At this time also the publishers suffer, especially with the increasing numbers of people having ad blockers. A publisher can’t earn unless a user directly clicks on the advert.

On the other hand, Brave ensures your browsing is fast, private, and safe by actively blocking trackers and ads. Therefore since this is all you need, you can move to Brave Browser. In addition, Brave is built with the same software that powers Google Chrome, Chromium, and hence all your plug-ins and extensions will work efficiently.

BAT rewards are available in that BAT tokens are given to users who actively opt-in and choose to view the ads.

Brave uses machine learning to serve you with ads that fit yours from their partners’ large pool of ads. Thus, with Brave, your identity and activity across websites can’t be shared with a third party. You can always delete your profile anytime because it remains local to your browser.

How And Where To Buy And Sell BAT Coin

Getting BAT is easy, and you don’t necessarily need to get involved in an exchange. You can get small amounts slowly by just downloading the Brave browser and going ahead to view the ads.

However, if you want to generate huge amounts of BAT coins within a short period, you can buy the coins through an exchange. This is very similar to the process of buying other cryptocurrencies. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ensure you have an exchange account that provides Basic Attention Token (BAT) exchange. If not, create one by signing up.
  2. The next step is to deposit local fiat currency such as bitcoin and dollars or a stablecoin depending on trading pairs available in the exchange.
  3. The final stage is to select a trading pair that constitutes a BAT and a currency deposited at the previous stage, for example, USD/BAT.

After this, you’re free to retain your BAT in the exchange or move them to a more secure hardware wallet.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have understood the benefits of using BAT and Brave browser better. Use Brave to have a safe, secure, and fast browsing experience. Brave is here to benefit you whether you’re an online user, publisher, or advertiser.


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