Australian Government Issues National Blockchain Roadmap To Help Drive Adoption

Australian Government Issues National Blockchain Roadmap

Today Australian government issued a blockchain roadmap in order to initiate its drive to increase the adoption of the same on a widespread basis. This 52-page document shares Australian Government plans to increase engagement with Blockchain on a large level. The roadmap acknowledges that Blockchain has the scope to create more jobs for the people and overall work on improving Australia’s economic growth as such.

This roadmap would be executed over a period of five years. It is expected that the implantation of the same people would improve their blockchain skills. This, in turn, would help in boosting the regulations set and increase investment chances on a global level. On a more specific note, this roadmap has chalked out a 12-point plan that would help blockchain technology in empowering the Australian industry. Let us have a look at that:

  1. Formally rename the National blockchain advisory committee to the National blockchain roadmap steering committee.
  2. Create groups to handle blockchain use cases.
  3. Investigate all the uses cases if they are being used in sectors like Agriculture, finance, and education.
  4. Settle a group a government blockchain users to investigate all learnings from existing blockchain use cases.
  5. Identify different countries using Blockchain and implementing similar procedures here.
  6. As part of the business research and innovation initiative collaborating with blockchain providers.
  7. Ensuring Blockchain is a part of other broad policies implemented
  8. Developing common guidelines and content for blockchain qualifications to be practiced.
  9. Work in tandem with the Australian trade and investment commission (Austrade) on a development program aimed to help blockchain start-ups.
  10. Delivering a blockchain-focused investment program along with Austrade.
  11. Use bilateral agreements to forge blockchain work opportunities with other countries.
  12. Work along with the concerned government departments to ensure that Australian businesses get an opportunity to connect to the digital trade infrastructure.

Australia’ Science and technology minister Karen Andrews is hopeful that these initiatives, when put into practice, would be able to take advantage of the blockchain technology in its utmost capacity. They are hoping to add $175 billion in business by 2025 and these steps would help pave the way for that.


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