United Nations Agency Worth $6 Billion Launched Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Fund


28 years old Christina Lomazzo worked as a former project coordinator at the Bank of Canada and she was also the co-founder of Deloitte’s Government block chain practice. September 2018 proved to be a breakthrough in here career because she was employed as the United Nation’s first head of blockchain technology that enables transactions across borders as easy as if there is no border actually.

The lady spent 14 months working at the United Nations Plaza and very recently her team has come up with the Unicef Crypto fund. This is actually a porotypes wherein donations in the form of bitcoins are accepted and then the same is invested directly into the blockchain startups. The prototype has been launched in the market with a donation of 1 bitcoin and 10,000 ether. This donation was received by the Switzerland based Ethereum foundation.


United Nations has already received $15 billion investment last year and thus which has kick started a new phase of development. This is a new age financial innovation where a transparent route is set up which determines how the money will be spent.

She was born into a computer engineer and an advocate mother home and raised by her Italian grand mom who didn’t know English. This is the major reason why she has inherited the global culture and the same is enrooted deep in her personality.

Since December 2015, Unicef started to explore blockchain technology even before Lomazzo graduated. When she joined the company then the blockchain technology was still at a nascent stage but she along with other technical team members kick started and established the bitcoin project.

Blockchain technology has also travelled extra miles by coming across a currency which was earlier used by criminals by now being used by business houses across the globe.

By February 2016, the first blockchain prototype was finished at the United nations which was her future office. The birth of the crypto fund could be traced back to 2007 when UNICEF launched it’s office of innovation which was led by Chris Fabian 39. This office is well known for it’s innovative technology, data science and also the information technology.


As far as the operations are considered Unicef is now exploring how block chain can be used along with the first working group so that the group can specifically work on crypto currency. Also, the legal framework on the same is being discussed under the radar here.

And the principle that is being followed here is that the once an agency approves the framework the same can be replicated across all the other agencies as well and this is how more and more donations will flow in and the agency will earn quite a good amount of money because the transparency levels will also get improved.

Lomazzo seems to be quite positive about the entire development and she is quite excited as well. we are also fingers crossed for how the blockchain technology will take shape.


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