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Now You Can Buy Games Instantly With Cryptocurrencies

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Buy Games Instantly With Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency and gaming are becoming more relatable by the day, and with technology advancing practically every element will soon work through the virtual currency. Much of these attention has grown out of the convenience that cryptocurrency is offering its users and gamers on a global aspect.

A positive development, for example, is the growing interest in purchasing game and software license keys by using cryptocurrency. An addition to the ever-increasing list of such retailers accepting crypto payments for keys is Key4Coin. Here’s a review of what the site has to offer.

About Key4Coin

Keys4Coins is an online PC game store

Keys4Coins is an online PC game store that accepts cryptocurrency micropayments as payments for the products on their site. The store uses the simplicity and anonymity of cryptocurrency to allow the shoppers to purchase items without too much technicality and need for personal details.

The site does not require the registration of personal information since the checkout is quick and straightforward. The only information necessary is the e-mail address from where you can retrieve the license key.

Key4Coins Product Keys

Key4Coins seeks to do things differently by providing product keys on the following sections


Steam: Key4Coin includes license keys for a wide variety of games supporting the Steam system. Users looking to buy in-game items operating on Steam can use the marketplace.

Origin: There is also the option of purchasing keys for games supporting the Origin service

  • Uplay
  • Rockstar Social Club
  • Xbox Live
  • PSN
  • Other

If the game’s license key is not available in the different sections, there is the “Other” category that features keys on other game models.

Gift Cards

There is the option of purchasing gift cards using cryptocurrency and Key4Coin offers the opportunity for the following range of gift cards

  • Steam Gift Cards
  • Xbox Gift Cards
  • PSN Gift Cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Keys4Coins Gift Cards



Operating system : Aside from games and gift cards, the Key4coin platform also provides license keys on different software such as operating systems models of Windows

Antivirus: Additionally, there are antivirus license keys for Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and BullGuard.


Win Prizes

Buy Games Instantly With Cryptocurrencies

As a method of encouraging use contribution, Key4Coins will offer an integrated reward competition where users can win up to $1000. The random winner will stem from using the payment gateway which earns one a draw into the tournament.


Getting Keys Through Key4Coin

The CD licenses and keys from Key4Coin comes from significant game distributors. The site buys and scans the original retail boxes before reselling through cryptocurrency. Some of the cryptocurrencies accepted include Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Vertcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Keys4Coins is not tied to publishers and this enables them to offer friendlier prices than the official distributors.

Why The Use Of Cryptocurrency?

Automatic instant delivery with the downloadable games and licenses requiring only an email
Faster and cheaper with the transactions becoming instantaneous with low fees than credit card processors.

Safer- every payment transaction within Key4Coin is checked and verified using blockchain which presents the much-needed safety than fiat currencies.

If you are looking to purchase software, games, or gift cards using cryptocurrency, the Key4Coin platform is an excellent place to start. Although relatively new, there is plenty of positive reviews with the site and from an outlook, it is legitimate for business.

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