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Basic Blockchain Lingo Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

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Lately, Blockchain technology has been making too much news. With an ever fast rate of growth, there are new terms which are becoming a part of this industry regularly. If you are also keen to know what crypto, Blockchain and “HODL” mean here is a list of terms that you should be aware of. read more →

Malta Passes Blockchain Bills Into Law, ‘Confirming Malta As The Blockchain Island’

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Blockchain Financial Trades

Parliament of Malta has finally passed three bills into a law which is going to establish a regulatory framework for blockchain.

As per a local daily Malta today these bills are Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, the Innovative Technological Arrangement and Services Act, and the Virtual Financial Asset Act. read more →

Message App Firm Kakao Seeks Partners For Its Blockchain Venture

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Message App Firm Kakao Seeks

This Korean Firm may raise money through private placement next month. The Korean firm targets alliances with consumer-service firms read more →

All Of Bitcoin Success Is Due To Blockchain

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In today’s world cybercriminal are in their full form and in such times blockchain can change the future of the financial industry. In the month of January this year, nearly $1.8 trillion was being traded in the forex market. read more →

Using Blockchain As An Application Platform

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Blockchain As An Application Platform_5

A lot of businesses use cases which need to be solved with the help of ledger technology. In situations where business applications need smooth processing, this technology provides the necessary break. This is possible if we use blockchain technology in the form of an application platform. read more →

How To Make Blockchain Investing Easy

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Blockchain Investing_5

In the last decade, the interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum has increased manifold and is now including blockchain technologies which work behind these currencies. Blockchain has the ability to provide trustworthy transactions, record keeping, and unlimited applications for multiple uses. read more →

HTC Has Plans To Launch A Blockchain Powered Smartphone

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A HTC "U11" smartphone is displayed in this illustration photo

HTC has finally unveiled its “first native blockchain phone. According to PC Mag, HTC Exodus will launch and would support multiple block chains and other technologies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The creator of HTC Vive Phil Chen made this announcement at the Consensus conference which was being held in New York City. read more →

Blockchain Technology Pumps A New Life Into Older Companies Including Visa And IBM

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Blockchain Applications_1

Blockchain has been getting bigger with the Big Blue. The recent technology is creating fuzz about this technology because of the innovations it has.

Beyond the cryptocurrencies, this ledger technology has a greater demand and is also known for supporting the bitcoins. According to the 2018 statistics… read more →