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Russia’s Crypto Technology Reveals Cashbox X-Gaming & Crypto Mining PC

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Crypto Mining PC

These days the Russian market has a new product and that is a hybrid computer for gamers as well as miners. If anyone manages to participate and purchase that computer he can get quarter of ether as his monthly income. read more →

Will Blockchain Technology Redesign The iGaming Industry?

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Blockchain and ICO’s are invoking sharp reactions from all. However, one thing is certain that this technology is here to stay and it is going to bring quick and vivid changes to the way things work. While sports betting industry has become decentralized the online casinos have yet to adopt the policies. read more →

Top Blockchain Career Opportunities Available Now

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The U.S. job market has now seen the rise of blockchain expertise making it the hottest scoop with blockchain skills being paced at the no. 1 position for skills on Upwork. read more →

New Trade Organization, CMTA To Promote The Blockchain Technology In Switzerland

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New Trade Organization,

Technological advancements in Switzerland have been playing an important role in the economy because of the few sources available in the nation.As a result, they have formed the National Science Foundation, ruled by the Federal Government in order to promote both scientific and technical research. read more →

All Of Bitcoin Success Is Due To Blockchain

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In today’s world cybercriminal are in their full form and in such times blockchain can change the future of the financial industry. In the month of January this year, nearly $1.8 trillion was being traded in the forex market. read more →

Uk Mosque Becomes First To Accept Bitcoin Donations

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UK Mosque Accept Bitcoin Donations

A London mosque may become the first in the world to accept bitcoin donations, and this is all because an Islamic scholar declared the cryptocurrency permissible under Sharia Law. read more →, Publishing Network Built On The Blockchain, Launches Lab For Developers

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23/05/2018 announces opening of the Development Labs announces opening of the Development Labs, a place for developers to experiment with new ideas on the platform. is an open source, not-for-profit publishing network built on the blockchain with the broad ambition of changing how we distribute, license and monetize content on the internet. read more →