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Basic Blockchain Lingo Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

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Lately, Blockchain technology has been making too much news. With an ever fast rate of growth, there are new terms which are becoming a part of this industry regularly. If you are also keen to know what crypto, Blockchain and “HODL” mean here is a list of terms that you should be aware of. read more →

Tech Mahindra To Set Up Blockchain Center Within R&D Arm

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Recently Tech Mahindra announced that it is partnering with Chroma Way in order to provide blockchain technology to the Indian market. As per the statement “Chroma Way is a Stockholm-based company which has been pioneering blockchain solutions in the public and private sector since 2014”. read more →

Chinese Startup, VeChain Using Blockchain To Build Trust In Wine Industry

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VeChain Using Blockchain To Build Trust In Wine Industry

Shanghai-based blockchain startup, VeChain, wants to arm the wine trade with blockchain and build trust in wines imported to the city,the mainland’s second-largest market for imported wine after China’s southern Guangdong province. The Chinese wine industry is worth $2.8 billion. read more →

World’s Four Largest Automakers Plan To Bring ‘Blockchain’ To Your Car

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Four large automakers i.e. Ford, Renault, General Motors, and BMW have created a new working group and they plan to bring the blockchain technology to your car.

This initiative also known as the Mobility Open blockchain will ease the adoption of this technology and could help in being used for convenient… read more →

How Do Blockchains Work And How Can They Change The World?

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If someone says that blockchain is beyond the technology, then you have to ignore the Bitcoin’s challenges. Therefore, it is mandatory to explain why blockchain has been the underpinning technology for the cryptocurrencies and have the revolutionizing potential to contribute to the world economy.

How Do Blockchains Work

According to Don Tapscott, the CEO… read more →

Blockchain Technology Pumps A New Life Into Older Companies Including Visa And IBM

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Blockchain Applications_1

Blockchain has been getting bigger with the Big Blue. The recent technology is creating fuzz about this technology because of the innovations it has.

Beyond the cryptocurrencies, this ledger technology has a greater demand and is also known for supporting the bitcoins. According to the 2018 statistics… read more →