May 2, 2018

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How Do Blockchains Work And How Can They Change The World?

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If someone says that blockchain is beyond the technology, then you have to ignore the Bitcoin’s challenges. Therefore, it is mandatory to explain why blockchain has been the underpinning technology for the cryptocurrencies and have the revolutionizing potential to contribute to the world economy.

How Do Blockchains Work

According to Don Tapscott, the CEO… read more →

Blockchain Technology Pumps A New Life Into Older Companies Including Visa And IBM

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Blockchain has been getting bigger with the Big Blue. The recent technology is creating fuzz about this technology because of the innovations it has.

Beyond the cryptocurrencies, this ledger technology has a greater demand and is also known for supporting the bitcoins. According to the 2018 statistics… read more →

2018’s Massive Thing – Blockchain Technology And Its New Uses

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Have you heard of the surge in alternate currency i.e; digital currency? Well, the entire reason behind that is the underlying technology. It is a fact that 2018 is going to be a huge year for the blockchain technology.

‘Bitcoin’ is one of the most searched words on the Google and still not everyone… read more →